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Berklix.Net - Webmail Service

This is:
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Email Address in your Reply-To: header

  • Use:
  • Not your_name.webmail@berklix... : Berklix domains have multiple server hosts but only one provides normal webmail service, so you need to prefix'webmail.' after the '@'
  • Not your_name.webmail@user.berklix... : webmail server may not remain on same host with normal user login accounts.
  • Not your_name.webmail@webmail. or @webmail. or @webmail. They might work now, but those domains are for other purposes & may not work later, so if you use them, when they later fail, it will waste your time & your correspondents' time.
  • Best Avoid: your_name.webmail@(land|slim) If at all, Only when joining mail lists, only if you also want to be able to post to lists, & have mail list robot confirm your poster's address is in list: (The names '(land|slim)' change without notice periodicaly, They are DNS A records, better use DNS CNAME 'webmail'.)



  • No guarantees, subject to change without notice etc.
  • No mail forwarding set by default.
  • Don't use a valuable password: Your password could be stolen by `man in the middle' packet sniffers on the Internet, as it uses http, not https,
  • Ssh : Secure Shell I haven't got this working yet (though I've added directives to httpd.conf).
    • Ssh may not work if you use a Microsoft crippled browser that for security reasons has been limited to not allow extra windows to open. (As seen at a free service adjacent a wall at Systems 2006.)
    • Need to turn on Java in browser.
    • The black box reported the Java applet is 2280 days old & to go to (a dead URL @ 2013-06-21) which redirects to which had a client that implements the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols written in pure Java "free for personal use". Not something I'll install on FreeBSD client workstations that have real C, really free. Might be of use on MS hosts.
      That now redirects to Where on can find Which @ 2013-06-21 has a free version

Not for normal users, Only for tests

Server 1 - Server 2 - - localhost

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