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"NO ENEMY" (Chrondisp 3)

"NO ENEMY" is a follow-up to Chrondisp 2, where Westblock have discovered a way to track when and where the rival Asiablock are sending Observers with their time travel machine.

But Westblock are baffled to find Asiablock are sending out many Observers to study historical events that should apparently have no interest for them. To try to find why they are doing this, Captain Digby is sent out to Observe one in greater detail. Using a young Indonesian boy as his Host, he witnesses the monstrous explosion of Tambora in 1815.

Meanwhile Westblock notice that Asiablock are building a number of curious constructions in Northern China. Digby, with his ex-US Marine friend Jim go out to investigate one.

Still no clearer as to what is happening, Westblock send Digby back to Observe a bizarre naval action between a Royal Navy frigate and a pirate sloop off the coast of North Africa in 1806.

"NO ENEMY" is a SF/detective/adventure story, describing how Westblock piece together all the odd pieces of information to find that Asiablock are working on an ingenious and deadly new weapon. In the last scene Digby and Ning McGregor, the beautiful half-Scots/half-Chinese interpreter, sabotage it, causing also the deaths of its inventor Dr Lin Chung and his sponsor, the evil Shan Tien.

Back cover picture Time Gun by Geoff Harries (1/8 of original (not book) size) Click to enlarge (33K Jpeg).

ISBN 3-933523-30-5

"NO ENEMY" is the third of the CHRONDISP series.


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