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German English Association

Committee in February 2009 are:

Julian H. Stacey Chairman email phone
Birgit Hoeft Secretary email Phone No Removed
Alexandra Rosenberg Treasurer email Phone No Removed
Traudl Putze Telephone Enquiries + co. Treasurer   Phone No Removed
Less than it should be: A few problems hit us,, then when we were weakened censors caused trouble, swamped GEA in propaganda about supposed reform, to disguise their real power grab. Annual elections due in March 2009 may bring a new committee; Please consider standing, or get a friend to stand for election.


To satisfy legal obsessives: All faces included here are copyright Julian H. Stacey (unless another copyright is embedded in the image). I just assert copyright to prevent possible web loonies/ pirates claiming facial copyright. I commit to assign copyright, if desired, of any face to owner of the face, in writing, on the back of nearest beer mat, when owner of face & I happen to meet near any beer mat).


For specific corrections, additions, or deletions, to add extra faces,please contact me.Several reasons there's not more faces here: Many are too modest to volunteer their own picture. So a friend is often needed to volunteer the picture. Then I need the subject to agree. Then I need the time to add the entry. Yes many people should be added. Yes some haven't done much lately, but may do more later, so it's not worth deleting them & re-adding them later. Please do not waste my time telling me it's outdated but that you too are not prepared to update it.

(Faces are as captured at GEA beer gardens etc, they are dynamic snap shots, not still life portraits, they are are not complimentary, almost invariably the person looks better in real life ! Their faces may even have been mangled & look blotchy, due to colour palette reduction & image shrinkage etc, but the people themselves are not generally mangled & blotchy ;-) The pictures are here for recognition, not as a beauty contest :-) More faces welcome ! I have removed all phone numbers & email addresses from this section, as they tend to go out of date (even though I had permission to list many). Look at this month's programme for phone numbers & email addresses of current organisers.

  • List of faces removed.

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