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<>Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth
Buckingham Palace
The Mall
London SW1A 1AA
United Kingdom
Your Majesty,
You are the only recourse for 3.7 million British overseas 15 years or more, whom your UK parliament has deprived of their right to vote, and to be represented by constituency MPs.
Please encourage parliament to urgently restore the right to vote, that your Prime Ministers have promised, but failed to deliver.
700,000 British in the EU were denied votes in the Brexit Referendum; people most knowledgeable of and affected by the EU.
In Munich over 90 per cent of British at Brexit meetings are applying to become German, and many are aggrieved the UK denied them voting rights.
Britain loses "soft power" influence abroad, when foreigners learn that Britain abuses its own citizens, denying their right to vote.
Yours Sincerely, <>
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