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BIM (Berkeley In Munich) at the Elektronik Boerse

  • Location for BIM meeting after Muenchner Elektronik Boerse Default from perhaps approx 15:00 to 16:30. Location: of Cafe Ca Va: Kazmairstr 44, Tel 5028584. From Boerse: Go South 1.3 city blocks (Boerse exit being in mid block) parallel to edge of Wiessen, South to Messe Platz, then West 4.3 blocks; CaVa is on North side of Kazmairstr between (I think) Ganghofer (to East of CaVa) & Gerolt- Str (West of CaVa, so return East!) I think there is also a small park/green area south of CaVa.
    • 27.11.1999, 25.03.2000 25.11.2000 & 24.2.2001 we rented a stand @ Munich Elektronik Boerse Pschorr-Keller in the clubs area (usually on stage).
    • The public generally come to the Elektronik Boerse to buy cheap old hardware & software.
    • The clubs area up on stage is adjacent to the main sales floor area. The public go up the steps to the stage primarily to see what they might find for sale up there, & some also to check out what the clubs are doing etc.
    • The club tables are small, room for 2 or 3 to sit behind with laptops, + a few bits of equipment in front.
      BIM Table at Boerse 2000.11.25
    • We are asked about BSD in general, & to see demos & discuss specific software etc. This is done on a 1 to 1 basis, this is not a forum to do lectures to groups.
    • There is no interest on either side to demonstrate complete operating system installations, & we do not take hardware to demonstrate this.
    • If the public bring their computer, we are happy to install BSD on request.
    • For us BSD people, the Elektronik Boerse stand makes a venue for us to meet, to promote BSD, to ethernet to other Unix clubs, & use as a base for excursions to equipment vendor stands etc.
    • 25.11 2000 & 23.02.2001 We ether linked to Uli Ender of CAM: Computer Anwender Club Muenchen . Next time we may try ethernet telephony. (We tried contacting Munich Linux User Group , to encourage them too to take a stand & link to the ethernet, but no response.)
    • After the Elektronik Boerse we go for a meal & beer. @ 25.11.2000 we went to CaVa, Kazmairstr, probably we will go there next time too (@ mid afternoon it was spacious & un crowded, room for laptops etc).

The Elektronik Boerse was oganised by EDUARD WELSCH, NADISTR. 6, 80809 MÜNCHEN, +49 089 3518000. His address is here for snail mail, as email to fails (a breach of RFC's BTW hostmaster@Any-Domain Should work !.)
His page mentions a few follow up efforts, but sadly I don't know any as good as what he used to organise. Sad that he doesn't find it cost effective to organise any more, but the reasons he gives (in German) on his web seem to make sense.
One extra problem he doesn't mention though is Munich city council's previous (& possibly current) desire to repress selling on Sunday. I recall that distributed/ moved Elektronik Boerse at least once, from Sunday to Saturday, & has also been a nuisance to Vintage Computer show

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