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FROZEN 2001.06.03 BACKUP COPY - New Owner Elsewhere is Josef Kraus

Notes for BIM @ Systems 0ct 15-19, 2001

Co Ordinators

Systems 2001 co-ordinating work is being devolved & spread wider. Volunteers Welcome.

Volunteers Co-ordinators are needed; some initial nominees include, but (do not exclude others too):

  • Stand Co-ordinator: Karl Joch [+ someone local for emergency bits ?] (***)
  • Web Sub Directory : Josef Kraus (Confirmed)
  • Leaflet Co-ordinator: Oliver Fromme [& Rainer Duffner maybe ?] (***)
(***) Those above, &/or other replacements &/or co-workers are requested to Volunteer Please.

(*) The deal would be: take page, maintain & add to it from mail list etc, with no particular input me, how you want, in whatever language(s) you want, with whatever [BSD] tools you want. Page maintainer will direct upload to This would not be restricted to "diffs-only to the indx.m4 source, etc", (unlike the top page of

I keep an archive of BIM mail locally, but there's no on-line copy currently. ( I had to remove it over a year ago, to avoid crawlers harvesting addresses for spam mail ). The archive is available for whoever inherits systems2001.html, (I stopped editing just before Snake's impressive list of hardware :-)

Volunteers To Man Stand

(room for max 2 BIM staff + 2 visitors. Half day or full day shifts. Half a day does not stretch from mid morning to mid afternoon ;-)
  • Julian 1 day
  • Martin Collins: 1 day
  • Freddy Meerwaldt Only school vacations, (so probably not viable).
  • Gary 1 day
  • Oliver Fromme I'd volunteer, no problem (provided that time permits).
  • Stefan `Sec` Zehl I think I can spend 2 Half-days for the Stand, provided I have time.
  • Karl Skibinski zumindest mal einen halben Tag melden. Je nachdem auch zwei halbe. Aber leider auch hier nur unter vorbehalt.
  • Karl M. Joch i am from salzburg and new to your list. i would be interested to be on your stand if acceptable from your side. i should be available during the whole show with occasional meetings there.
  • Josef Kraus 1 Tag w\xfcrde ich auch am Stand stehen.
  • Daniel Lang usual disclaimer, anyone can get ill, Urlaubs- Sperre, etc
  • Thorsten Steentjes please add me also for one day. usual disclaimer
A timetable will later be here.


Freddy Meerwaldt:
I would be glad to help with a few *BSD Machines? Perhaps not only Intel-Based ones?

Julian: People will want to see glitzy applications I guess, so for most ports, I guess Free or Open rather NetBSD ? There's only really room for one machine on the mini stand which is maybe 1.2 metres wide. I think if we keep one machine there all week & just change the human demonstrator/exhibitor in front of it each day/half day, it'll save work.

Ralf Gebhart offered a range of machines. Other people may have offered-tuff too.

Other Help

Freddy Meerwaldt:
I would also do the contact-work (i.e. mails to the sponsors, ...)

Location / Ort

Der Ort ist wie jedes Jahr das Messe- gelaende in Muenchen (das neue). Dieses befindet sich auf dem Gelaende des alten Flug- Hafens Muenchen Riem, direkt neben der Autobahn A94 im Osten von Muenchen (das ist die Passauer Autobahn). Fuer die nicht- motorisierten: die U.Bahn U2 faehrt direkt zum Messe-gelaende.


  • Rainer Duffner:
    Ich denke, wir sollten zunächst etwas Material für einen Flyer sammeln. Wir könnten/sollten das ganze nach de-questions cross-posten.
  • Koordinationsseite für den *BSD-Stand auf dem LinuxTag2000 06.2000
  • Flyer for LinuxTag2000
  • To: Sat May 26 2001 From: "Julian H. Stacey"

    Subject: Anyone got or know of data & Makefile to generate a BSD leaflet ?

    Anyone got or know of data & Makefile to generate a BSD promotional leaflet ?

    Either a "What BSD Is" or failing that, a "What FreeBSD Is" I'd take what I'm offered, but ideally double sided, A4, 2 parallel folds making a 9.9 cm wide by 21 cm high leaflet. ( 2.54 cm = 1 inch ).

    I want it for a BSD (not just FreeBSD) user club stand within the Linux-Park area of a trade show this Autumn (Systems 2001, & for other trade shows too.

    Such a leaflet could be used pretty much round the world, just needing to be maintained current & translated periodically. so if someone has something similar, we would just translate it to German.

    I do _not_ want URLs of raw material to include &/or reference, thanks ! (For if BIM (Berkeley In Munich has to produce it, it won't be me, but will be a German speaker, probably on German BSD lists.

    If a leaflet does not exist, & BIM produce one of their own, we will then place what we have on for others to use, & I'd hope to remember to mention it here too :-).

  • Leaflet Printing

    Thorsten Steentjes: May have someone at Reprographic Dept. of Rhode & Schwarz who can help

CD Mastering

Various people have idea, discuss later.

Initiating Article From Julian

To: bsd@bim
Subject: Nov. 2001 Systems: BSD stand @ Linux Park
From: "Julian H. Stacey" jhs@jhs

Hi BIM people, Though this in English I suggest response in German.

Last year at Nov. 2000 Systems Linux Park there was no BSD stand. So I enquired of the sponsor Linux New Media AG who was sponsoring Platform für kommerzielle Aussteller und Open-Source-Projekte.

She was quite willing to also sponsor a stand for *BSD for 2001. She said I should contact her 6 months before to arrange details for 2001 ... about now.

Last year there were various sponsored stands for XFree86, KDE, SSL, & Linux user group Augsburg (who said Linux Muenchen group aren't very active at exhibitions). BIM can have a free stand to promote *BSD if we arrange it. The majority of stands in the Linux Park were non sponsored normal commercial stands from companies selling Linux based products.

We'll need someone to re-contact the sponsor initially, (me I guess) & someone else I can hand over to as future contact, as there's no point burdening the sponsor with my German grammar :-)

We'll need a machine - no problem, we can use (which still hasn't gone back into service yet but finally seem stable hardware :-) ... so I'll withdraw it from service when needed for the week, if we don't find one elsewhere.

We'll need a rota of people prepared to spend some time on the stand during the week.

We'll need to get organised, & have one central point of contact who knows what's happening, preferably someone who also puts up a web page with info such as timetable of people manning the stand, & other contact info.

Some CDs for visitors would be nice too, but before everyone gets distracted with what to put on CDs, frankly, that doesn't matter [yet], what matters is to contact Linux New Media AG with a firm proposal to take a stand, & man it with a sequence of at least 1 BIM volunteer for most/all of the week.

Some small leaflets promoting BSD might be useful, I'd suggest something with many URLs to www.* etc, & cheap to print (there's no-one offering us free leaflet printing so if one of us has to pay, it better be Cheap !

I can also tell you, stand visitors will _not_ want to see complete BSD installs, they'll probably want 3 minutes of chat &/or glitz, (or what CNN likes to call "eye candy").

I might possibly be able to get us a little sponsorship from German Government (someone else I met there last year), but I won't approach him unless we get a plan & sufficient commitment.

Is this a good idea ? Should we commit our time & even some expense (ie money), to promote BSD in Munich & Germany ? (or if there's insufficient support should we not ?) Please discuss at the Stammtisch next week, &/or here on this list bsd@bim

Comments ? Meinungen ? Angeboten von mit-hilfen usw gern genommen !

Julian H. Stacey

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