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14th March 2018.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth
Buckingham Palace
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United Kingdom

Your Majesty,
May I present attached on next 6 pages, copies of a petition from British in Munich Germany, signed on paper, plus a list of 24 signatures via web http://www.berklix.uk/queen/
(confirmed by response passwords; I know most; all believed British) .


700,000 British in the EU outside the UK were denied votes on Brexit, (near all remainers); + 3 million globally; + 2.1 million in the UK were too young to vote (more remainers); + 1.5 million elderly died (mostly leavers).
The 2 party whip system brought chaos to the cross party Gordian knot of Brexit.
Please dismiss your prime minister May & appoint a PM from any group

• To form a government of national unity.
• To ask the EU for an extension for a referendum.
• To empower the Electoral Commission to swiftly penalise lies & illicit media funding.
• If an extension is not agreed by UK & EU until too near a chaotic Brexit, To unilaterally revoke Article 50, obtaining a rolling 2 years to re-plan Brexit better, re-serving article 50 later if UK wants it, but only after competent planning.

Yours sincerely, Julian H. Stacey

PS: 4 & 3 minute videos of 2 British in Munich addressing a "Pulse of Europe" rally in English accented German (inc. notes & transcript in English): http://www.ExitBrexit.UK/video/ Name: second Password: referendum

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