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JULIAN H. STACEY BSc. Hons. Computers & Cybernetics
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Julian H. Stacey,
A British citizen
in Munich since 1985
Monday, 31st July 2017

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Herrn Seehofer
Ministerpräsident, Bayern
Postfach 220011
80535 München

Dear Herr Seehofer
Ref. Wednesday, 26th July 2017 visit from Mr David Davis,
British Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

• The British government has lost the trust of many British abroad in the EU. So many are applying for non British nationality. The British government’s Brexit negotiations are an existential threat.
• The British Government can not represent British abroad whose votes it stole, whose EU citizens rights it abuses as negotiating pawns.
• PM May’s Brexit Article 50 falsely claimed a "democratic decision" :

• The Brexit referendum Leave majority was 1.27 Million.
• Britain excluded from electorate 700,000 British in EU and 3,500,000 globally, outside the UK over 15 years.
• In Munich meetings, 95% + of British are against Brexit.
• In UK, apparently a million new young voters have registered since, believed mostly pro EU.

• Now may not be optimal to discuss future trade deals with a government hell bent on enforcing hard Brexit :

• The British Government promised to return voting rights to British abroad, but has not.
• It will deny Britain a 2nd referendum on Brexit terms when negotiated.
• It bought Northern Irish DUP support at high price to build a coalition majority of dubious stability.
• Party leaders rely on party whips to force Brexit on reluctant MPs.
• Britain is slowly awakening to Brexit’s problems.
• Political cross party alliances are forming to withstand self serving Brexit obsessed leaders.

• Unlike Britain, The EU has a proper democratic mandate to negotiate, as all EU citizens have EU MEPs, even British who have no UK MPs, (Though British abroad will lose EU MEPs too with Brexit).

We hope for your understanding, With Thanks,

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