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Third Party Obsolete Pages To Be Purged

This is:

Page created 2022-05-02

Outstanding Requests To Be Purged

Junk obsolete data (some 28 year old @ 2022!) that should either delete my number, or delete my entry, or replace the whole page with a dummy page to a link
Replacement, not simple page deletion, else automatic mirrors like WayBack Machine would automatically take over & perpetuate the offence of illegally publishing personal phone numbers.

Junk Obsolete PDFs

  • Old: June 4, 2018. A commercial graveyard of random PDF, so I removed the href= link. Why they copied my old PDF I have no idea, maybe disguise to sell adverts, like some spammers append random text to dilute the percentage of adverts visible to spam filters, Or maybe an archive of PDFs to insert viruses into ? Whatever, they're commercial junkers, I haven't bothered to write them.
    Newer here &

Removed, Thanks to removers smiley face icon

  • Zapped. now has no sgml-tools/

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