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FreeBSD Developer Sponsorship

A few email notes made for someone looking for funding to do full time FreeBSD associated development work:
(& No, before you ask, I have zero cash myself, I'm a freelance who'se in a similar boat (could do with more BSD work too :-) )
The X-Windows Consortium used to fund some X work I think.  By
analogy maybe there's now enough corporate use of BSD to start
something similar for BSD ?  Some work like ia64/gcc presumably
could be sponsored by an All-BSD Consortium/ Foundation if one were
to be formed.

I've no idea about the ia64, but if it happens to use resilient
gold flashed steel pin connectors (VME style), & not cheap gold
flashed PCB edge connectors like Intel/AMD based ISA/PCI/EISA boards,
then maybe some companies manufacturing reliable hardware might be
interested. There have been some big users & big budgets mentioned
in last 6 months, ask [first name forgoten] Watson re Trusted BSD etc?

People with ideas or who may know of money, if only elsewhere:
    - FreeBSD Inc, Jordan Hubbard & David Greenman
    - FreeBSD Foundation
        To: FreeBSD-Announce@FreeBSD.ORG
        Subject: The FreeBSD Foundation -- an introduction
        Message-Id: <>
        Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 05:34:59 -0700 (PDT)
    - Look on, see where it says `donations
      welcome' & ask ideas of whoever's on the receiving end :-)
    - Ask FSF.Org/ if they have any GCC funding available, can drum
      any up for ia64 cpu, or can suggest contacts where you might.

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:48:21 -0800
From: Wes Peters
Organization: Softweyr LLC

Daemon News is interested in sponsoring work like this.  We have a
pet contract management office available to us so you could become a
regular employee with salary and benefits if you wish.  I'm not sure of 
our contract managers experience in contracting outside North America, I
know he has managed contracts from Canada, USA contracts with Canadian
workers, and at least one contract in Mexico with a USA worker.  Welcome
to the United States of NAFTA.

We have been quite unsuccessful at finding any such contracts; in the 
current (USA) economy the number of companies looking to do basic FreeBSD 
infrastructure development work can be counted on the fingers of your left 

I believe FreeBSD Mall is also interested in such work, but solely on
FreeBSD.  Not a problem for Marcel, of course.

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