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German customer enquiries : Obstructive old fashioned inflexible way of treating the customer badly & losing business, (sadly all too frequently particularly noticeable in Germany, compared to UK & USA treatment of customers).

They failed to comply with the simple Anglo Saxon business method: You have enough money ? We will sell !

I don't waste time, battling with incompetent(*) hostile suppliers, supplicating if I may be allowed to give them my business, if they deign to allow it !

I phoned them: .. Even gave my name before speaking to be polite, Germanic style, (completely un-necessary that, for a simple price query in England) .. Did they say "How can I help you ?" No ! ... Nor even "What can do you want [to buy] ?" ... I told them I wanted to send a package about a Kilo to Denmark , & roughly what will it cost ? ... They ignored me, & said "What is your phone number ?" ( I wondered if they expected I'm about to be cut off, but I wasn't booking yet, just a Price Query, so pointed that out, & told them the phone number Does Not Matter yet ). I also make a mental note, (unstated as I didn't want to offend (... then ...)) that they're incompetent(*) & not using technology properly, as I have a digital line & I know my number Does show to those I call. ... I give them my number, to keep Them happy (Why should I keep them happy ? I'm a paying Customer, they're supposed to seek payment to keep Me happy !?) I then told them to skip the superflous questions, I just had a simple price query : To ship about 1 Kilo weight, Munich to Denmark. ... Then they wanted to know am I private or a company ! Why again ? I just wanted to send a parcel ! ... Then they insisted they only deal with companies ... So I didn't tell them this IS business. By now I'm sick of them. Next they'd have maybe wanted my Gewerbeschein (Manufacturing Registration) (which lots of annoying obstructive old fashioned German companies have long wanted before they will sell you anything), & I''d have been into the next pointless argument, telling them English companies don't have, use, or want such superflous rubbish. I hung up. They lost the business, & future business.

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