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Software Freedom Day - Muenchen/Munich



This is linked from flags on top page to catch those who want better translations to German.

Wollen sie uns helfen

  • Wollen Sie Verbesserter Uebersetzungen an uns liefern um sont ? Prima ! Bitte !
  • Want to help translate ? Great ! Please do !
    • Translation corrections very welcome for all pages under
    • We would be pleased to receive translation corrections, (preferably patches in diff -c format prepared against the original .lmth (not .html) source).
    • Translations to German: please mail to author

Wollen sie nur Meckern ?

  • Do you want to just complain ?
  • NICHT TOLERIERT ! Es wird Kurz & Hart Behandelt !
  • Do not moan. Contribute to SFD Organisers work Or Be Silent
  • Not Tolerated ! - You will find yourself & quickly Dumped
  • This is a Volunteer effort, You pay for Nothing & are Entitled to Nothing.
  • A complainer has no more rights to complain than merited by his/ her prior contribution of free work.
  • Tolerating moaners who do no work would make no sense, it would distract & risk discouraging Organisers who Do work.
  • One person never on an SFD list, complained, failed to help, & was Removed.
  • SFD Organisers donate their time & efforts free, if you can help do better, Volunteer.
  • Organisers & this author are too busy organising for the event, to tolerate time wasters.
  • Some info is just in English, some is just in German, Some is not so well translated, or not at all, Read the other language, send author a translation.
  • Realise
    • It has taken a lot of work to create this dual language web site, Unpaid volunteer work.
    • Either language is sufficient for competent people, both are luxuries you did not pay for.
    • English is the International language of computer development projects (& of,
    • German is the local language.
    • Competent local professionals can read Both languages, especially computer professional, but other professionals too.
    • If you can't read both languages. Don't complain - Learn.
    • If we were to deliberately require all our resources were easily accesible to those who had no English, we would end up debasing to end users incapable of contributing back to international developments.
    • If some people can't read any English & not bright enough to point a translation web server at bits of this site not in German, no great loss, they won't be capable of contributing back work to international development projects.
    • If you want better translations English to German, mail them to author, else Do Not Complain.

Translation of the organisers page not so necessary

  • Could be done last if at all), some material may appear in just 1 of 2 languages:
  • Skilled German computer professionals can read English.
  • Non German computer professionals if resident here long enough can read German.

Why translations are not done on alternate web pages

  • Sure, HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE exists, but it's best not used here.
  • Separately evolving pages would be more work to maintain to avoid bit rot.
  • Translations in just 2 columns are easy to maintain in parallel. Useful also when only one of the 2 languages available with no translation.
  • It emphasises this is an international event not just a German thing, (even if we slip the global date )
  • Some info is just given in one language, no time to translate. Nearly all local computer professionals are competent to read in Both languages.
  • Some local newbies, end users, & non computer professionals, coming from eg Microsoft will need German.
  • English too, for international professionals resident/ working in Muenchen, eg scientists & partners from Max Plank Garching, ESO, EPO, the aviation industries at Ober- Pfaffenhofen, students on exchange visits, & people who contribute to international source code development projects, & for other foreigners, (not necessarily native English speaking), who can speak English but not German, (Muenchen has 20% foreign residency I recall). etc.

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