(Approx.) Sunday 12th Feb 2006
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BEGINNERS Sorry, no beginners !
Only Fast experienced skiers please. We will ski the Elephant Safari
to Pass Thurn, & do not want to run late waiting for intermediates, & be forced into taking the short cut, but tediously flat route 76 to Pass Thurn, we want the longer steeper route, but need to save time for the extra lifts, by Not waiting for intermediate skiers. We also do not want to miss the bus back !
This trip is only for Non Smokers, for the entire trip.
Booking for friends of friends is not accepted (as they then do not feel committed to the group), they must personally book (except boy / girlfriend / spouse). Book by web form, not phone (else you forget to tell Organiser things), Fill out web form at your own or a friends computer or Internet cafe, (Not at Organiser, people rush & bodge it there).
No deposit for this trip. Booking for friends of friends is not accepted (as they then do not feel committed to the group), they must personally book (except boy / girlfriend / spouse).
The deadline for booking & paying deposit is 20:00 Wednesday. Those failing to meet deadline will not be chased, but discarded.
Organising is time consuming, even before the trip starts. We have insufficient organisers & trips, more are welcome. Un-necessary work & hassle discourages existing organisers from organising more trips, &/ or discourages new volunteers from organising, so if you see someone wasting Organisers time, or causing wanton annoyance, get others to join you in discouraging it !
Book via Web form. Days before a supplemental email or phone call to Organiser is OK, Organiser uses email to broadcast to all people days before trip. Give Organiser both home & work email if you can. If you must tell Organiser a change within last 24 hours before departure, do not rely just on email, but also Phone ! Organiser may only check his email once a day. SMS : No. Organiser, does not read SMS, never replies to SMS, & only turns mobile on when going out. Phone not SMS Organiser for a reply.
BLACK LIST Though there is no deposit, for this trip, you must still fit in, for smooth organisation.
Deliberately causing trouble, will be reported to other club ski organisers, & noted for future reference &/ or possible black listing. Failure to pay money due others, EG petrol contributions, could result in skis or other property impounded by driver, & sold under value, to first person willing to pay money owed.
Organiser is here to ski & have fun like you; Not to have his time consumed by individual complications caused by non compliance to group arrangements. The bigger the trip, the more work needed, & more compliance needed to group arrangements, to avoid overload. Organising work is limited by allowing less individual flexibility than individuals may like. Only come if you are prepared to fit in, Do not expect to waste Organisers time if you will not comply with group arrangements.
Bring More than enough! - Organiser will NOT lend you Any! People have gone hungry before now ! _Approximate_ Costs: Fuel etc Eu. 20/25 (If 3 pass.), [+ Austrian motorway toll Eu. ~4/ head (7.6 for 10 day in Jan 2004)] + Accommodation Eu. 0 (unless roads get blocked !) + Lift Pass Eu. 33 Eu. (whole day, or 30 after ?, or 27 after 12.30 ? + Optional: [Ski Hire (In Munich: Eu. 40 (31 in 2003-01)) 33 (In Munich day before, we have No Time on the day! If you do not have your own skis, & need to hire , explain to organiser why you consider yourself a fast skier who can keep up, as it is normally slow or intermediate skiers who do not have skis), ] + Ski School 0 (as you are far too good to need it, & it is not available on this trip) ] + Food: + 8 (possible coffee etc on arrival, not likely though ) + 20 (Lunch) + 10 (Apres Ski drinks / cake) [ + 20 possible meal at
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Kufstein, unlikely] ). + Reserve cash for medical costs / car breakdown towing, trapped in wrong valley / taxi or 2nd hotel to pay, [helicopter] ski rescue etc ! + a nights accommodation & food if we get snowed in, (not happened yet how will You pay if necessary ?). Credit Cards useless for cheap accommodation. We do not stop at banks for you. Nothing at border. Get cash in Munich before. Pay { ski equipment hirer (should not be needed!) , lift company, restaurant, hotelier (should not not be needed!) , driver } direct, not via Organiser, who will Not be involved with your payments.
No border check usually, but sometimes border-less Schengen is suspended, so Germans must always have ID, British their passports, Americans their visa etc. If you are too lazy to, & we get stopped at border, you will be abandoned there to hitch back to Munich. If you need ID to hire equipment, do Not ask driver to to deposit his ID (which Organiser refuses to do, he retains his for police driver inspection), Take your own, or do not ski ! This trip assumes you have your own equipment & do not need to hire any equipment.
Arrange your own Ski / Sport / Travel Insurance, We Provide NONE (& are Not qualified instructors !). (Example: Non helicopter normal medical at Ischgl in 2013: 200 Euro) Expect helicopter rescue to cost over 8K. & will Not teach you anything !).
TV Bayern 3 Teletext 642. The link at Jochberg Trampelfad relies on good valley snow.
particularly Inconvenient in a car boot, large hiking backpacks also not convenient. Use top zipped rectangular holdalls they allow optimal packing of ski clothes, boots, sticks, & day ski-packs etc.

& near simultaneous access in car boot for all skiers, & provide easy secure dry access, in cold / dark / wet / icy / crowded car-parks. Expect to change into & out of ski clothes in visually & weather exposed car park. Usually nowhere else available, & no time to waste finding & walking to & waiting there, & waiting for passengers to return before locking car.
By Car to ski resort probably at 08:00 (CHECK WITH ORGANISER) Saturday from --------- Purpose of all meeting in one place is to allow for last minute contingencies, eg sick driver or vehicle failure. Requests to depart from any other time or place than the assigned venue are refused. Do Not phone Organiser at home Saturday morning, he is in his own mad rush, worse than you are. In emergency you might reach him by Mobile at departure point, but it is too late to cancel or change bookings!
A passenger / driver assignment list might be issued, but probably will not be. If it is issued: { Find your listed driver for the outbound trip. When we have lots of people you must go outbound with whoever you are listed with. The list has been carefully assembled to enable optimal fast packing of people & skis into cars & racks. It tries to allow for such as: * Drivers with racks to load full quota of extra skis. * Cars without racks to have minimum ski owning passengers; * Larger cars to take more, * Each car to have at least one experienced club skier, No hirers in Organisers car (to avoid admin. overload), * Each car to have a passenger with a mobile phone, Organiser can change car seat allocation days before on computer, but it is too late when Organiser has printed it & we are at departure point, (change requests then disrupt & delay everyones departure while Organiser is burdened to try in a rush, & inevitably fail, to consider all possible ramifications of your unplanned annoying change, & edit list with a snow deadened biro on wet paper). Conform to plan & use the opportunity to meet new people allocated to your vehicle ! }
After you have loaded all your assigned passengers, & after you asked drivers without racks if they need you to take some skis for them, then ask Organiser for departure clearance. We do Not drive in convoy.
If you are not full, or need to calculate fuel consumption, buy fuel on Mittlerer ring between departure point & Salzburg Autobahn. Buy a map at petrol station & find Kitzbuhel approx. 2 hours drive South (compass bearing 160 degrees), south of Inn-Tal in Austria. Buy Austrian Autobahn permit (pickerl (sp?) if you need one (recommended).
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AUSTRIAN AUTOBAHNGEBUHR: Cars & Vans 10 day = Eu. 7.9 Fine=Eu. 300+ Munich ADAC & Petrol stations used to sell them. Beware buying queues at border (if you can even buy there ?)
It is illegal to use a mobile phone in Germany while driving. Even "hands free" sets can be dangerous, especially when distracted by passengers &/ or winter driving. It is stupid & illegal to use them near petrol pumps. Drivers should consider handing phone to a passenger before driving.
Numbers on list are for emergency only, or after personal invitation. Organiser & others do Not want to pay for your call to be relayed by their German provide back to Austria! Do not phone Organiser except in emergency, calls not to His personal benefit cost you a beer ! Best not phone people on mobiles during ski time unless you know they will not mind you interrupting their skiing. Do Not phone Organiser before his arrival If you carry a mobile phone while skiing, ensure it contains the SIM card with the number you registered with the Organiser, not some other number none of us know.
AUTOBAHN Ensure your passengers re-read this sheet en-route!
Please drive to a safer standard than you might on your own, passengers lives are not yours to risk, especially in bad conditions ! On Saturday departures, you may experience heavy traffic jams from change in the Alps. The Austrian A-Bahn is toll free till 2nd junction: Kufstein Sud, beware long tail backs congesting the "slow" lane well before the first Kufstein Sud exit, with non payers queueing on break down lane to exit. If you have a Pickerl, you may prefer the left "Overtaking" lane, if you do not have a Pickerl, exit at Kufstein Nord to avoid the exit queue, or drive slow in slow lane after Kufstein Nord. German TV, 2007-12 reported Austrians fine between border & first exit, so maybe exit in Germany, Kiefersfeldern.
2013-03-21 I phoned www.asfinag.at 0800 400 12 400 +43 (1) 95 51 266 info@asfinag.at who said: In theory you need to pay inside the Austrian border. In practice they do not patrol in either direction between Kufstein Sued & the german border.
Organiser informs Drivers of new information. Drivers inform their passengers, (relaying meal & drink locations & times, Extra info, perhaps inc. room list (if You tell me), announced at departure point & / or later.
1 day trip, no accommodation is planned, unless we get snowed in by road closure.
To be To Be Announced at Giesing. Normally Flechalm Bahn, Klausen, a few Km East of Kirchberg. (ie not normally driving to Kitzbuhel itself.) If traffic jams cause late arrival, 2 options: drive east to Streifalm (Kitzbuhel) lift (where Feb 2003 there was no ski hire, & no Kasse to buy tickets, so beg a free chair ride, then ski to Hahnenkamm & buy), or drive to Hahnenkamm, park & buy tickets, & use mobile phones, to link up (or meet by chance skiing en route to Pass Thurn, if traffic jams delay you excessively).
Ski laws & Safety precautions exist. Skis carried horizontally on shoulders can blind people, tips behind shoulder should be way above head height. Do not stop over brow of hill. Avoid obstructing others. Look behind before starting. Faster skier to avoid slower skier. Altitude worsens effect of alcohol. The alpine distress signal is Six regularly spaced whistles (or flashes of a light or shouts etc.) within one minute, then wait a minute and repeat The reply from someone who will fetch help is three regularly spaced signals followed by a pause. Alpin Notruf=140, Info +43 5356 6957 http://www.bergbahn-kitzbuehel.at
Have all equipment before you leave Giesing, We will not be hiring in Austria.
Treat drivers cars with care: Glass sub zero becomes more brittle, frame-less windows slammed onto ski rack grips, or leaned on, could break. Do Not lean skis on cars, they slip of their own accord, or when someone else jogs the vehicle, & ski edges damage paint & people !, Careful of slipping while placing skis in roof rack, especially if glass sun roof, Do Not kick car bodies even gently to remove snow from boots, without prior permission of driver. Drivers look under car for your (& other ! cars’) passengers’ skis.
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LIFT TICKET http://www.bergbahn-kitzbuehel.at You will want a 1 day pass. @2013: a 2 Day Pass was 88 EU No group purchase (1 free ticket on 15 not worth organising ). + 2 EU returnable deposit for card. Not viable, not enough of us. 2017 Mayrhofen 2 days was 99.5 EU + 2 EU.
You are experts right ?!
We ski the local area till we have assembled or feel it is time to push off, then follow the Ski Safari (Blue Elephant with Red background) signs past Jochberg to Pass Thurn. Before the Trampelfad ensure your skis are smooth / waxed ... it gets flat ! At Jochberg after the Trampelfad, wimps can wait till a mini bus taxi fills (2 Euro / head @ Feb 2003). those who like exercise can take the mini hike up to next lift. Later near Pass Thurn, if you repeat too many runs, you will lose time, & not have enough time for all the lifts to the steep route down to Pass Thurn, so be forced to take the tediously flat route 76, ... more poling & skating - Julian with non ideally waxed skis hated this !
SKI ROLL CALL No big group "safe return roll call" occurs
. Make arrangements among your similar ability co-skiers. Each passenger checks in with driver at end of day. Passengers report a missing drivers to other drivers & Organiser.
At days end, at Pass Thurn: maybe stop for a drink at ski bar or inside building before taking bus. Only if we have time not to miss bus to Kitzbuhel + 2nd relay bus !
Bus to Kitzbuhel @ Feb 2003 ran at 16:20, 16:30, 17:00, 18:30 & later. Some run through to Kirchberg. We bus back down past Jochberg to Kitzbuhel. On arrival at Kitzbuhel central bus station (Hahnenkamm), if bus terminates / does not got to Kirchberg, rush (they do not wait). to catch [last?] 2nd bus to Kirchberg, or wherever we are parked.
If things go wrong: meet at Kitzbuhel in Londoner bar (Careful!, there are 2!, the big one nearer the slopes, which is opposite MacDonalds, if Londoner is too crowded or bouncers on door, meet in MacDonalds across the road junction).
Usually pay approx Eu. 20/25 (If 3 pass.) per head. Passengers of full cars share 100% of fuel & de-icer etc, (to encourage drivers to provide cars, racks, winter tyres, & chains, & incur depreciation, corrosion etc). Drivers & passengers share motorway tolls. If your skis travel out with another car, if you buy other driver a beer, deduct 3 Eu. from your driver with no rack (encourages drivers to buy racks (& chains & winter tyres). Pay 100% to outbound drivers even if return drivers may be different. Dont be be mean: We have insufficient willing drivers with good fully equipped vehicles, reward & thank them!
None unless announced. 3 possibles: Auracher-Loechl, Roemerhofgasse 3+5 Kufstein Tel +43 5372 63238 http://www.auracher-loechl.at; Weinstadl, Ebbs-Kufstein, Kaiseraufsteig 25 Tel +43 5372 64172; Chinatown, Munich Giesing. A tired driver with a full stomach is not so attentive to icy night driving hazards, so drivers wishes are paramount, however passengers may be able to swap cars if both drivers agree.
Do not plan (or tell people in Munich) you will be back before Late Saturday night
(we often eat before leaving, or en route, & major road closures & motorway jams can occur), even if we do not stop for a meal it can easily be 22:00 or 23:00 before we are in Munich. Passengers & drivers are assumed to return in the same combination as on outward journey, Passengers are entitled to return to departure point. Passengers do not get home taxi service from drivers. Departure point may not be optimal for any driver or passengers: discuss in car what suits you perhaps 70 km before Munich, well before the Motorway forks.
Be amenable to changes, stay alert, ask if in doubt, help where possible. All the time spent organising this trip is Free Of Charge. If someone hassles Organiser, Please show your gratitude by helping stop that person. Organiser is here to go skiing with friends, hes Not a paid commercial travel courier !
& must be self reliant, fit, with cash, right clothes etc. WE DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITY for your:
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death, injury, disability, dependents, 3rd parties etc whether skiing, driving, or at hotel etc. The club & Organiser ( Organiser ) charge no fee, make no profit, & provide no insurance. (arrange your own). We are not qualified ski teachers, or professional drivers etc Things can & often / usually do go wrong on ski trips ! Anticipate, adapt, cope, & help others !
Julian H. Stacey, Munich, 2001,2,3,4,5,6,8,12 (I have run Mayrhofen ski trips most years since December 1988, & similar for Kitzbuhel & other destinations etc)
Only people accepting these limitations can come. English law applies to the organisation of this trans-national trip of multiple nationalities. (Englisches Recht ist gueltig, Falls sie Englisch nicht verstehen, ist ihre mitreisen nicht gestattet)

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