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Ski Trip Booking Form Do NOT Fax Me

  • Please Do NOT Fax Me This Form !!
  • I do not want a copy of this 7 page long web page, (with all its help text), I do NOT want to waste that much expensive thermo paper, or run the roll out after a few skiers fax me !,
  • Nor will I manually extract your data from web page facsimiles,
  • nor do I normally want a fax of the single page generated by the SEND button (though that's preferable to unacceptably faxing the whole page here).
  • I will not retype your data. So email it !
  • If the web form fails to email properly, use your mouse to cut & paste the form Output (IE not this page), & email output manually to jhs@[same domain as this web page]

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