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Ski Trip Booking Form Rooms

What Sort Of Room ? - You don't really get a choice ! !

Don't waste time in Munich telling me you'd like a single room ... or with/without shower/ toilet, or cheap, or with a balcony etc !.
  • The price we pay, we're usually lucky if we get anything pre booked at all, so learn to manage with what we're lucky enough to get for one night.
  • It makes no difference what you ask for or when, it's Not first come first served, & I'm not a travel courier paid to worry about it.
  • Single People & Single Rooms:
    • I book as many single rooms as I can etc, but there are never enough.
    • First priority on scarce single rooms is to to avoid placing single non-consenting males & females in same room.
    • Second priority on single rooms is to offer to single drivers for better sleep & better concentration/safety driving back Sunday night.
    • Remaining single people share with singles of the same sex, in twins (or doubles if necessary) or triples.
  • Twin & Double Rooms
    • Couples should take double `French' bedded rooms, to leave the seperate-able twins for singles who have to share.
    • Single people sharing could try to offer rooms with integral facilities to couples, rather than to 2 men sharing, or 2 women sharing.
  • Swapping/Sharing:
    • You can swap rooms among yourselves later, after the initial allocation, however you want, so long as everyone involved agrees.
    • It's your choice which skier you share with, as long as you stay within your assigned category of 1/2/3 bedded room & you do not swap gender of partner(s) to cause a shortage of single rooms.
  • Alternatively, you could also tell the organiser in Munich before start of trip, to Not book your accommodation, & instead transport yourself (don't assume our drivers will be willing) to an expensive hotel if available, & find your own single room, if available, & then chase us round the valley, trying to keep in contact for dinner & skiing etc.)

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