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Tolino (Models: "Shine" & "Vision 4 HD") - eReaders

by Julian Stacey

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Connecting via USB from With FreeBSD

FreeBSD sees it as MSDOS file system[s] (2 for "Shine", 1 for "Vision 4 HD" ) using devd .conf .
Other option to import an epub:
  • Write it on a micro SD card The "Shine" has a slot, though the "Vision 4 HD" does not.
  • Adapters for normal to micro SD cards used to com standard when one purchased micro SD cards, so many people will have spare adapters. USB to standard size SD Cards adapters are ubiquitous, I have at least 2 here, 1 came from the 1 Euro shop, so cheap. Some laptops & USB adapters & PC tower top plates have SD Card slots next to USB sockets.
  • Put an epub on an httpd server, & download into Tolino (You may not need write access to a remote http:// server, maybe your local router supports access to a USB memory stick from its WLAN?)

Comparison & Evaluation:

  • Weights to compare:
    • 178 gram Tolino Shine :no cover, small tablet size.
    • 176 gram Tolino Vision 4 HD : no cover, small tablet size.
    • 207 gram Samsung Galaxy Note 3 inc. flip cover
  • Tolino battery lasts weeks on standby.
  • Tolino Has WLAN to download books. With free access via D-Telekom as some promo. to sell books.
  • Tolino Has via SDRAM chip socket like in smart phone.
  • Tolino Browser is best not used: Dead slow, & Awful,
    • OK: Frames are supported, eg in
      (Frames are not available in old browsers such as Chimera
      (The pdftohtml command offers a flag to suppress generation of frames).
    • Caution: Left icon outside the top box does not go back to previous URL, it drops out of browser into main menu. You want the left & right icons within the top box
    • OK: Does access a directory without a trailing '/'
    • OK: Reload key is circular icon on right of URL top box
    • OK: Tolino recognise Tilde = '~' as in ~jhs, though seems to be none on keyboard. Here's a test:
    • Fails to use the '#' tag in a URL, eg clicking on it just goes to top of page,
      (As does
      It does not scroll down to the 'Russia' tag.
Model: Tolino Shine Model: "Vision 4 HD" Model: "Vision 4 HD"
  • More memory internal, no external socket.

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