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  • I very actively avoid people smoking.
  • I don't work in air space where smokers will poison me.
  • Smokers are Not Eligible for events I organise. ( I don't give my valuable time free, to be poisoned by someone inflicting an allergic headache on me ! )

I often edit this after a smoker has poisoned me.

  • Damaging my health.
  • Destroying my concentration on complex work I was on before.
  • Wasting my time &/or my employer's time, &/or colleagues time to co-operate on technical projects, until such time as the air clears, & the poison they inflicted has reduced.

A very small minority of smokers are considerate where they smoke. Most are not, They gas us in their offices, emit it up from flats (apartments/ wohnungen) below, fill bars & restaurants with smoke & emit poison trails walking along the pavement (Not much wind in Munich unfortunately!), in toilets (carcinogenic poisoning one cannot avoid !) & in lifts & underground corridors with no air vents. Then poisonous polluters have the cheek to ask non smokers be tolerant of their polluting addiction !

When some stinking smoker has just forced a headache on me, to support her/his cancerous nicotine drug addiction, I have No interest in tolerating them. In Munich bars, before the ban, young German females were first to grab for their cigarettes, advertising to the world how socially insecure they were, as they commenced their anti-social displacement activity ! German males were less likely to grasp for their KrebsStangl/ Cancer stick, & Brits less than Germans.

Messe Muenchen's `Systems' (Oct 2003 & 2004) stank of smoke & half empty, Dead & gone now.

I Refuse To Be Introduced To Anti Social Smokers

  • I have very few friends left who are smokers.
  • I abruptly rid myself of the poisonous presence of smoking strangers.
  • I don't permit smokers polluting Ski Trips I organise - I do the organising work free & thats the price others must pay - to not pollute us.
  • This results in cleaner air & less allergic headaches & more work gets done.

I Do Not Work In Offices That Permit Smoking.

  • Seit 3. Oktober 2002 ist die geänderte Arbeitsstättenverordnung in Kraft.
    New German Anti Smoking law in work place has finally arrived !
  • 15-19th October 2001 I spent a week @ Systems 2001, Linuxpark, on the Berkeley In Munich stand, promoting BSD Unix, (sponsored indirectly by BMWi Bundeswitschaft Ministerium Fuer industrie). 5 days, 9 hours a day, volunteer work unpaid, explaining the benefits of free source software to visitors to the benefit of the German economy.
    My reward ? ... A month later, Mon 19th November, still coughing badly, a cough that started at the show, loosened the lungs, exposed them to some bug/virus, & not been well for a _long_ time since.
    Smokers were everywhere, in all the exhibition halls, corridors, outside en masse too, near or at the bars & food counters, stinking the place out, making it impossible to get fresh air to breath anywhere.
    Messe Muenchen GmbH provided a great place to get cancer or lung disease, or just a headache. Better go somewhere that doesn't stink.
    British & USA visitors told me it wouldn't be allowed in their countries.
  • In 1997 I declined a contract renewal at DASA (Deutsche Aerospace, called EADS in 2001) because they would not even dedicate one room for use by non smoking staff, & I couldn't stand the continued headaches the firm inflicted on me. Their project was disrupted & I lost income, because they refused to deal with the problems they caused by supporting drug addiction.
  • DASA were stupid enough to even permit pipe smoking in their offices ! & to exacerbate the problem by running poor air conditioning with no opening windows, & selling tobacco & providing ash trays in all the Ottobrunn buildings I was in. No wonder there was a consequent higher than average illness rate in those buildings.
  • The employees worry about damaging their careers if they complain. (I presume the health officer must be in a particularly invidious position, paid by DASA, & aware of the health statistics for those particular buildings.)
  • I asked an EADS personnel recruiter Nov. 2001 if the situation had changed - No, they're still stupidly allowing smoking in the big 150 man offices - So still could only work on EADS projects where smaller offices allow one to avoid poisonous smokers.
  • German companies are or were on average dirty & unhealthy compared with non smoking standards enforced by British & American companies. Things are gradually improving.
  • The British care less about their external environment, (tossing batteries in domestic rubbish, & once with lower sewage control standards, but keep smokers away from the offices more; by contrast most Germans didn't seem to give a damn about their internal environment, (allowing smoking in offices & many public places), each took many years to start learning from the other.

Smokers Look Older Faster

  • Women spend a lot of time trying to look attractive, when some behave like drug addicted thoughtless or arrogant bitches above, they're as desirable as filthy ashtrays.
  • Even men don't like to hear they're looking older faster, but it's the truth. More wrinkled. Grayer, deeper pores, internal poisoning ? Whatever, they look prematurely Old.
  • Youngsters won't notice while getting addicted but by the time smokers are somewhat older, the smokers look Considerably older. Not surprising. Statistically they will die soonest.
  • Parents: Got a baby ? (& it didn't die during pregnancy ? (higher chance of course with smokers). Ever wondered if your kid cries because you breathed over it ? Your kid may not tell you you stink. Your kid may likely struggle to escape.
  • Girls dress to get noticed, but some men lose interest when women smoke, not fancying to kiss or bed old ash trays. Same the other way too.
  • Hospitals sometime have to lie patients on an inclined surface for a week or 2, to drain the lungs of filth, before they dare operate on heavy smokers ... think about it

How Smokers Can Avoid Provoking Non Smokers

  • Stay down wind, not upwind, to avoid trouble ! Poison & Kill yourself as as you like, but do not include others in your drug addiction, we don't need our lungs eyes & clothing polluted with your cancerous smoke, while you'r inhaling premature death, heart attacks (cardiovascular diseases) , scratcht eyes, & you can even lose your Legs from the poisons !
  • No one smokes in my property, car etc, under threat of guaranteed immediate physical eviction, with as much force as needed to immediately remove the poisoner.
  • Try snuff instead of smoking. Keep your addiction, rot your nasal passages instead of (as well as?) your lungs, but spare the lungs & allergic brains & eyes etc etc of innocents near by.
  • Try Nicorette gum or an adhesive nicotine patch that sticks on the arm, to help you beat your nicotine addiction, & no one need even know you are a nicotine drug addict.
  • Flatulence in a lift will give occupants a bad ride, but smoking triggers deadly cancer ! (Lots of lifts in Munich have no extractor fan), pollute outside !
  • Do not smoke in the stair wells: Just the place run up, for a spot of exercise, & to save waiting for lifts & But not if you poison the stair well - running & breathing your poison deeper ? No Thanks ! Your smoking steals company productivity twice over !
  • Don't go to a mountain, then smoke on Ski chair lifts in still air, so that the next person behind has absolutely no chance of dodging the poison you've left hanging in the `clean' air. Wait till off the chair !
  • Don't gas a whole large bar with one vile pipe ! Pipe smokers in restaurants & bars are evil bastards, asking for it to be shoved in their face ! At least cigarette smokers inhale their filthy poison first, removing some fraction of their poison first.
  • Don't be like the bitch in a restaurant, who when she'd finished smoking, didn't stub it out properly, but dumped her smoldering stub in an ashtray, & then had the cheek to get up, & walk over nearer our table, & dump her ashtray nearer us, & further away from her friends (yes she got it back with abuse).
  • Don't be like the other poisoners who take a long last gasp from their cigarettes, throw them aside while boarding the train, then breath out their poison.
  • Don't be so oblivious to the need to walk up & down vigorously _After_ you have smoked, before returning to a clean restaurant or car of non smokers ? Your Death Breath we don't need. Take extra minutes, Breath deep. Run somewhere. (Might also reduce the smell on the clothes & hair - yes, you likely smell or stink on breath + maybe clothes & air.
  • Don't walk down the street with a hand trailing at hip height, with burning cigarette sticking out at passers by. Hold your cigarette pointing _inward_ towards you body, ready to burn _your_ expensive suit, not some innocent stranger's hand or clothes, if they happened to brush or get jogged together in the street. Or be equally happy if non smokers carelessly stroll along with indelible felt pens or sharp knives sticking out as you pass by - why should smokers have a one sided right to offensive behaviour ?
  • Do you have `nice' quiet smoke at home in the evening, on your flat balcony ... stinking out the balcony above ? How would you feel if they used gravity to return a spray of paraffin or liquid manure ? You normally emit poison, would you like poison back ? ?

Offended Smokers Stay Away Or Down Wind - That's Healthy !

  • An offended smoker is one realising he or she stinks, poisons, looks older, dead-er, & Not Wanted. Smokers have offended & poisoned non smokers too long. Tolerance & co-operation rarely worked. Hostile deterrence & avoidance, physical separation & legislation work better.
  • Smokers offend all too often, poisoning other peoples lungs brains eyes etc. (Both my mother, & my girlfriend's mother (from very different genetic backgrounds) get eye trouble when subjected to smoke.)
  • Smokers are sometimes stupid enough to assert some supposed right to smoke in public: Non smokers could as easily assert an equally stupid right to juggle sharp knives in public, carry radioactive sources, spray CS gas around, or wave stinking smelling salts.
  • The sooner smokers die, the sooner they stop polluting other people. Smokers are welcome to their early grave, cancerous lungs, blood clotted legs, stroke in the brain etc, Smokers that force that on innocent passive -smokers, are scum.
  • There is an Internet news group called
  • Some think it strange I have a rabid anti smoking page: It serves its purpose: smokers get warned by others: Go Away Or Go Down Wind !

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