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Android robot.svg  Android Map GPS Apps - Comparative Table

This is:

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by Julian Stacey

Notes about Comparative Table
Non Android Specific Map Servers
Apps in my preference order, best first.
Icon Name (link to store)
& Publisher
GPS To Map Maps Work Off Line Maps, Free Down Loads, Number Search Address Map Load In Back ground Map Load Via Proxy Map Load + Browse via advert divert Maps Can Move To SD Card
[& paths]
(to lead walk)
(for plot after)
(for car driver)
Speed Max Map Format,
Size Eng.
Compass Auto
CPU Notes
  Capability Values Yes,
No Limit, Numeric Off Line, On Line, None Yes,
Yes, No Yes,
5 = Yes = Best
No = 0 = Bad

(L=limit warn , K=Cams warn ), No  ,
Graphic, Bearing Name, None Yes / No Some apps dont run on some tablets.  
Yes Yes No Limit Can't review off line     Yes Yes Yes
/mnt /sdcard /Android /data /com. mapfactor /navigator /files

/storage /extSdCard /Android /data /com. mapfactor /navigator /files
Yes 4 Yes   Yes Limit   Name Yes 2023-11-22
You've removed support for Navigator on Android Tablet Samsung SM-T330 Galaxy Tab4 Android 5.1.1 , Kernel 3.4.0 (After a factory reset of device & reinstall, no longer listed by Google Play Store, but did previously run).
If you want a beta tester let me know <> ( I'm a C programmer. )
Navigator still runs on tablet
Lenovo A5500-H, Android version 4.4.2, Kernel version 3.4.67
(but maybe would also not be available after a factory reset & re-install ? )
Ads for TomTom Maps
[JHS:] OK, Notices when newer maps available. If WLAN drops, reload start from beginning of next map in collection (so its better to have a collection of small county maps, than a few big country maps).
HereWeGo (ex Nokia, now a group of car manufacturers Audi BMW Daimler) Yes Yes No Limit Off Line   Yes   Yes Yes 2 Yes No Yes No   Bearing Name No   [JHS:]Cant pre queue more maps to load, just 1 at a time. Their Web: "Turn- by- turn voice guidance. Live traffic. Share your location via Glympse" [GJ:]
"Map Update" fails here. (maybe its my firewall but I don't see what), need to try on another LAN
I jhs 2016-02-22 had to connect to internet before I could delete maps !
MapDroyd Yes Yes No Limit Yes No ? JJLATER CHECK Yes No Yes Yes 4   Yes   No MicroMap Vector, compiled from OSM.
NoMap update seen: 2015-06-22  
Navigation     Yes No Limit ?     No   No
/sdcard /MapDroyd /maps
No Yes     Limits       http:// www . be - on - road . com fails. Aachen OK, Munich/ Muenchen fails
Aborted downloads do not continue, one has to restart from beginning.
With Source. Stores:
f-droid . org & play . google . com
Yes Yes   Yes No ** Yes No Yes /sdcard /navit Need to load map & retest     Yes   ? 702 Vector (from OSM) Graphic     Simple map loader, 1 at a time, can't pre select a lot. Can't see what's already loaded.

[JS]: ** Map loading stops when lid closes. I cant find a generic Android setting to change; As screen doesn't time out (& does for other apps), I suspect the lid interaction is specific to Mapdroyd.
Navmii New name
NavFree Old name
wiki. open street map. org/ wiki/ Navfree
Yes ??? No Limit Yes   No   No Click, But can set path /mnt No No GPS Yes   Yes G, Cameras   Graphic     [LK+]: great for navigation in the car.

Upgrade maps purchasable
OsmAnd+ Source on github Yes Yes Just 10 Free (& Germany is lots of maps)
7 EU allows more
    ?   Yes
/storage /emulated /0

/storage /extSdCard /Android /data /net. osmand /files
Yes 4 Yes   Yes Yes, Acoustic .obf 967 (UK not Eng.)       (Open Street Maps for Android) [GJ]
[GJ]: I now use OsmAnd+
[LK]: shows even little paths (if a volunteer has marked them). Good for biking.
Sygic   Yes No limit     No     No 0 wanted on line map           Graphic     Can't view which maps are installed when off line. Maps work though, unless its locked in mid download, when map fails, GPS appears above blank screen. My first old device did not demand an email address, the new 2nd device does.
BayernNetz für Radler
(Cycle info. for Bavaria)
Yes Yes 1     Yes No   Bike Paths           Yes     Berklix/ Bike

TomTom   No -   - - - - I guess not 75km free   Probably            
Easy GPS Navigation Yes No   No       No No, Needs on line GPS                  
Scout:   Yes Just One, Then Pay                             Needs online, pay to use offline, one map included"
Wisepilot   No   No       No                

ViaMichelin               No                   [JHS:] For forward planning, (not live placement or navigation I think?)
Endomondo                                   Sports Tracking, can produce a map of route taken. Uses a map from Google. [FT:+]
Ski Map Apps                                   Ski Map Apps
Earth (Google) Yes No, Cache           No                    
Maps (Google) Yes No, Cache           No               Yes    
Street View on Google Maps [:]                                      
Both small corrections & whole new HTML TR records welcome.

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