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BIM - Contributors - Acknowledgements

We thank Berkeley In Munich contributors below:

  • To show appreciation of effort & resources.
  • To encourage others to contribute too.
  • To encourage existing contributors to contribute more periodicaly.

Not Listed Here But Useful:

Some contributions to BSD can be useful, though not listed here:
  • Some BIM members contribute code, documentation, & services direct to the international BSD projects. (Such contributions may be seen on the projects' contributors' pages, &/ or the CVS logs of the source trees etc.)
  • A European BSD Conference in Munich is being planned, (contributors will be listed here later).
  • Numerous BIM members promote &/or use BSD in their work environment. Such numerous instances are not included here, as it's not that exceptional, a reward is also usually received in form of salary, project payment, or student project assesment credit etc.


Those who have contributed from their own free time & resources to promote Berkeley In Munich, + work done. In alphabetic order.

Contributors Deserving Credit

If a debate occurs, we tend to give contributors views more credit. Major contributors get more credit than minor contributors, minor contributors more than non contributors. One off non-recuring contributions aren't infinitely self renewable credit. More work contributions are always welcome. Those in this section deserve credit for work done.

Everyone in this section is invited to submit a URL to jhs@ to make their name clickable, if they want, (preferably a long lived URL that rarely changes).

  • Ernst Winter - RIP ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Was instrumental enabling BSN facilities were made available, ',`dnl German war hilfreich bei der Installation der BSn-Einrichtungen, ')dnl donated much of the new server, etc.
  • Gary Jennejohn ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English (independent Unix consultant). ',`dnl German (unabhängiger Unix-Consultant.) ')dnl Did Cvsup stuff. ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English BIM Exhibitor ',`dnl German BIM Aussteller ')dnl at multiple Elektronik Boersen & Systems 2001.
  • Josef Kraus ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Web Page for & Exhibitor at ',`dnl German Web Seite fuer & Aussteller @ ')dnl Systems 2001.
  • Julian Stacey ( ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English independent Unix consultant ',`dnl German unabhängiger Unix-Consultant ')dnl ). ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English First version of all web pages, spun off some, maintains rest. Configured httpd & ctm, created mail list configured majordomo list servers, server hardware & software maintenance (sys-admin). Exhibitor at multiple Elektronik Boersen & all 5 days at Systems 2001. Cdroms for Systems 2001, English Translation & macroing of BIM leaflet, ',`dnl German Verfasser der Web Seiten, hat httpd und ctm eingerichtet, die Mailing-List angelegt (majordomo), der sys-admin; Aussteller at Elektronik Boersen & Systems 2001. Cdroms fuer Systems 2001. Englisch Uebersetzung und & macroing fuer BIM Prospekt. ')dnl Initiated BSD conference plans, web, mail lists etc. BIM leaflets & literature to supplement VCFE,
  • Karl (Charl[e]y) Skibinski ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English BIM Exhibitor ',`dnl German BIM Ausstellern ')dnl at Systems 2001.
  • Martin Collins ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English BIM Exhibitor ',`dnl German BIM Ausstellern ')dnl at Systems 2001.
  • Michael Elbel of Consol ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English providing fallback site connectivity & rack space, ',`dnl German stellt uns 2. site Anbindung und Rechnerplatz zur Verfügung. ')dnl 2003.03
  • Norbert Poellmann of BSn (partner with Ed Zimmermann) ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English providing main site connectivity & rack space. ',`dnl German stellt uns Anbindung und Rechnerplatz zur Verfügung. ')dnl
  • Oliver Fromme ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Leaflet mastering for ',`dnl German Prospekt mastering fuer ')dnl Systems 2001
  • Rainer Duffner ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English BIM Exhibitor ',`dnl German BIM Ausstellern ')dnl at Systems 2001. Leaflet: merge of Ollie's leaflet & Daniel's variant + upgrade. Inherited co-ordination of Install event
  • Sarah Broeker ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English of ',`dnl German of ')dnl Linux New Media AG . ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Provider of Stand in sponsored by ',`dnl German Provider of Stand in ')dnl LinuxPark at Systems 2001 ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English sponsored by ',`dnl German sponsored by ')dnl BMWi - ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English German Federal Ministry for Business & Technology ',`dnl German Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie ')dnl
  • Sebastian Fenner ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English BIM Exhibitor ',`dnl German BIM Ausstellern ')dnl at Systems 2001.
  • Stefan Zehl ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Cdroms for & Exhibitor at ',`dnl German Cdroms fuer & Aussteller at ')dnl Systems 2001

Alumni Contributors

  • Those not seen for ages or lost contact with etc.
  • Klaus Herrmann ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Translated an old version of this web page. ',`dnl German Erst Übersetzer eine alte Version der Seite. ')dnl

Other Contributors

  • Daniel Lang Suprise tweaks to Ollie's leaflet, ifdef(`ENGLISH', `dnl English Leaflet duplication for & Exhibitor at ',`dnl German Prospekt Druck fuer & Aussteller at ')dnl Systems 2001. Edited some venues for Stammtisch page.

More Contributors & Nominations Welcome

More contributors welcome, some ideas to help with are here. Or you may have other ideas ... also welcome ! Occasionaly someone might not be listed, if this page lags behind the contribution, if so, reminders to jhs@.

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