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BIM - Berkeley In Munich

BSD Daemon
Welcome to BIM : BSD (Berkeley Systems Distribution)
Unix User's Club In Munich, Bavaria, South Germany, Europe
[German flag][British flag] Eine deutsche Version ist auch erhältlich.
English is the reference version, & usually more up to date. Mail any corrections to
FreeBSD (via
FreeBSD (via
NetBSD (via
OpenBSD (via
http:// www . berklix . org / bim / Official BIM URL
Berklix Individual Server Names
http:// user . berklix . org / ~login-name /
http:// user . berklix . org / ~jhs/
URL for some BIM members.
http:// mailman . berklix . org / mailman / listinfo / bim
Most of the rest of this page is rather old, best use our mail list.
70+ BSD in Munich @ 2020-05

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