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  • BIM is limited & best spent configuring systems & documenting answers for all on the web pages, rather than answering individual questions to organisers by email. Please find answers on BIM & BSD web docs where possible, + our mail list, & come & ask questions & chat at the Stammtisch.
  • If you Need to contact us individually:
    • via our robot at href= "">Mail List or Other Lists
      (The address is not in plain text here, to avoid spammers harvesting it & wasting our bandwidth & admin time.)

    • A Member Contact

      If you don't want to join our mail list, but do want to contact a member, try eg Rodrigo R. during office hours on +49 89 28638 2500 (Reversed mail address: de.web@scire). (Other BIM members are encouraged to volunteer to have their names added here by author).
    • Author

      Before contacting the author by mail, please check if the answer doesn't already lie on these BIM web pages, or if you couldn't get a better variety of answers at the next Stammtisch.
    • RFC mandated & other standard addresses

      exist, such as { hostmaster@ postmaster@ webmaster@ }. They silently discard HTML mail.
    • User Login Addresses

      exists for author to mail users with logins. Joining & Leaving not optional, but manadatory, done by author along with login creation/deletion. All users must create & maintain a ~/.forward pointing to where they want mail forwarded.
    • Numerous other addresses

      that used to exist to help enquirers were removed as they were heavily spammed.
    • BSD Demonstrations:

      If you want a demonstration, come to the Stammtisch, & ask people there who may have time, & when. (We used to list an email address of a volunteer willing to do demos, but we got too much spam).
    • Consultants: Not all BSD users & BIM members spend their working &/or free time developing & maintaing BSD systems, some have quite different professions. Some find it cost effective to use Consultants to config, maintain , & upgrade their BSD systems. BSD consultants are available in Munich, Europe & internationaly.

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