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This is:

Archive Of Geoff Harries' Web Domains

See also Geoff's first set of web pages created by Julian before these domains were later created.

Index Of Archive (of &

Other Notes

  • Geoff's Photon paper is worth a read by physicists, (& engineers, mathematicians etc). I would gladly house a section of scientific comment & or links here, on whether Geoff was on track or not.
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    Contact Julian to add a scientific comment.
  • Geoff's novels (See Colour Index & PDFs at I & others have enjoyed, it was nice of him to web publish them. (Long before that I bought an early grey backed hand bound (not colour paper) version of Time Gun)

Chronlogical History Of Archive Recovery Process For &

  • Domains were created for Geoff:
    • : 01-Jun-2007
    • : 02-Oct-2008
  • Julian for years ran periodic automatic complete mirror backups of domains including Geoff's (& other) domains kept here.
  • After Geoff died, Julian made a spare copy of the mirrors.
  • Next year, June 2013, automated reports informed Julian the web data sizes had shrunk to dummies.
  • I (Julian) contacted Jan
  • I sorted multiple mirrors down to one.
  • I created Archive (of &
  • Notes on archive recovery process (technical for some):
    • Within, 2 directory names & 2 file names had spaces in, (nasty, can cause havoc with autmatic processing in Unix) & up/down loading, so all paths converted with:
      • mv 'Copy of New simplified HP  29  May_files' images
      • mv 'My Documents' My_Documents
      • mv 'WINDOWSDesktop_ l .html' WINDOWSDesktop__l_.html
      • mv 'My_Documents/WINDOWSDesktop_ l .html' My_Documents/WINDOWSDesktop__l_.html
      Edited URLs in contents of files linking to them:
      • index.html
      • images/filelist.xml (which was broken before & remains broken, & doesnt matter, Microsoft rubbish!)
      & fixed image displays.
    • There's a oledata.doc: That .doc file , not only a nasty Microsoft proprietary format, but also is reported (by `file') as "CDF V2 Document, corrupt: Cannot read summary info"
    • Some HTML files do not end with new lines.
    • `tidy -i -m' complains a lot on on all .html
    • The alphabetic list of All files from the mirror (automaticaly generated) includes some small HTML files eg 640 byte , show as a blank in a browser, do not contain normal HTML from Geoff, just junk. (That's why the automatic indexer lists file sizes - to help distinguish irrelevant small files.)
    • ln oledata.doc oledata.mso (as identical)
    • PENDING by Julian JJLATER : Strip the junk small files (not from Geoff)
  • Phone number[s] & email addresses etc are obsolete. - Jan will edit later

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