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Complete Short Stories.

Free to read on your browser, or download & read offline

by Geoff Harries

Hieroglyphic Espionage

As PDF hieroglyphic_espionage.pdf 63596 bytes

A investigator is engaged by a French software firm to find how information on their latest product, a way of visualising the content of text, is leaking to the competition.

Twisted Genius

As PDF twistedgenius.pdf 137030 bytes

A SF detective story. A journalist Martin and his psychologist girl-friend Yvette slowly uncover how John Phillips, a conventional computer scientist,   had his mind changed by a bizarre accident which gave him a completely new outlook on life and enabled him to build the world´s biggest robot manufacturing company.

Infectious diversion

As PDF infectiousdiversion.pdf 60426 bytes

Lt. Hugh Post makes friends with a group of students and accidentally has `insight' into the infection method of a deadly new microbe.

New Job

As PDF new_job.pdf 50323 bytes

A `woman's interest story. Jenny, a lively young secretary from Burnley leaves her long-time boy-friend Ned to start a new life in an old established publishing firm in the South of England.

Timeworn Terror

As PDF timewornterror.pdf 76217 bytes

A gothic SF story. Horrors that turn the minds of one generation my not have the same effect on the next.


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