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Munich Chilli Organisers


More Regular Organisers on list chilli-org@, Inside & Outside venues.

Less regular all year Organisers on list chilli-org@

Occasional Organisers on list chilli-org@, Sometimes with announce privileges with robot for list chilli@

Reserves, Not Organisers, Not on chilli-org@,
but they mostly have announce privileges with robot for list chilli@

Known faces, who have at some time volunteered to occasionally announce & provide a known face at a venue, when regular announcers unavailable. More Volunteers please.
Name Phone Home Phone Work Mobile SMS
Email Home Email Work Web

More Organisers Welcome

More regular, occasional, & guest (one off singular event) organisers are welcome. Volunteer or nominate a friend.

Alumni Ex Organisers

None Yet.


Phone & Mobile & Email
Known Organiser has one, not for publication here.
? if a number, not known.
- No Number
Yes/ No:Whether person will receive SMS.
Yes/ No: Whether person will likely spend time typing a reply on a tiny keyboard, & spend money texting or phoning back, when sender didn't pay for a phone call but maybe wanted recipient to spend time & money on a reply.
Web Organiser's personal (not employer's business) web page, with picture for recognition.

Venue Suggestions

If you've got venue suggestions, welcome. Mail the organisers on chilli-org@, or even better suggest it to us in the chilli venue, when we're deciding where to go next week.

Venue Selection Criteria:

Chilli venues

  • We avoid Chilli Venues with no easy public transport (some Chilli people & organisers go by bike, some by public transport).
  • We have many other varied & partly contradictory criteria for next week's ideal chilli venue. Join us & debate with us where to go next ?


No indoor places with TV football.
Keep an eye open for roll up screens & projectors, easily missed till they come into use).


  • No places where smoke drifts in from nearby.
  • Not round the corner from where you live ! Not if you don't often join us, but more likely accepted if you travel all over town with us most weeks.
  • Not way outside the Mittlerer ring on your far edge of town.

Contacting Organisers

  • If you must phone organisers, please use home numbers at reasonable hours, a short call to a work number in marginal weather is usually OK.
  • Not all organisers always attend, some not often, some may work or partly live [way] out of town, but sufficient to cover for more regular organisers away on holiday, working, ill, etc.
  • Organisers have an internal mail list chilli-org@, for organising venues etc.
    • Everyone receiving chilli@ is entitled to write suggestions to chilli-org@.
    • If you have a venue suggestion, please do not mail it just to the organiser you know best or were talking to about it, please instead mail the Organisers list of chilli-org@ so that all organisers see it. It saves delay, & save the organiser work forwarding it to other organisers etc.

Helping Organisers, Nominating An Organiser, Becoming An Organiser, Retiring Organisers

  • Recruitment posting:
    We need a few more known faces who could occasionally step in as reserves when occasionally regular organisers are unavailable. So we could check with you then announce eg:
    • "__Your_Name__ will announce venue later this week" or
    • "Look for __Your_Name__ at 20:00 at ____ Pub, table[s] reserved in name of Berklix".
    W ho can you suggest ?
  • Extra Occasional or Regular Organisers Welcome

    • If you'd like to help or recommend someone to help us occasionally, - please tell the organisers.
    • Occasionally we use a one off guest spot organiser - tell us if you fancy organising a one off event.
    • We have a Reserve Organisers list that people can volunteer to join, for those interested in working as an organiser on occasion.
    • You don't need to organise regularly, just sometimes/ occasionally, ramping up & down as agreeable.
  • Being Made An Organiser

    • We don't drop you in cold: We recruit people to the organisers mail list for a while, letting them read how we decide venues & organise, before we expect them to work, helping decide & organise events.

    Joining The Organisers List Is No Free Ride.

    • Being on organisers list just to get prior info, or more say where we go, without working, would be an abuse of privilege, & would result in removal.
    • After being on the organisers list a while to learn the ropes, you are expected to Work, to help choose & announce & host/ focus at venues.

    Retiring From Organisers List

    • Remaining on the organisers list is a privilege just for Working organisers.
    • When you no longer regularly work as an organiser, please resign.
    • Resignation helps:
      • It avoids others thinking "They've got enough organisers, I don't need to volunteer."
      • It tells organisers to stop hoping you'll get back to work later.
      • It tells organisers to recruit replacement organisers
      • It avoids a non performing organiser being seen as a failure.
    • Organisers should periodically review their own performance , & if they are not doing much enough work, & unlikely to in near-ish future, should resign
    • Organisers who resign (or are removed for lack of work) are welcome & encouraged to remain as Chilli people, receiving announcements. Just no longer on working Organisers list.
    • Making odd comments occasionally does Not count as being a working organiser.
    • If not organising, rather than wait for other organisers to see you as an organiser failing to organise, it's better to resign or step down to Reserve Organiser status [then perhaps volunteer again later when not so busy].
    • Our Alumni list of retired organisers

    Some Requirements To Be A Main Organiser

    • Much of the following does not apply to part time reserve organisers, so don't let it put you off volunteering, but it's what we main organisers aim to achieve for ourselves.
    • Organisers work within a set of conventions/ rules derived from experience
    • Organisers need to be self organised people others can rely on to Organise.
    • Organisers do what they commit to do, unless they warn other organisers in time that they have a problem & try to arrange substitution.
    • If we are meeting weekly (& chilli group may not at least initial),
      Organisers try to remember at this week's venue, to initiate "Where shall we go next week ?" discussions, & try to resolve it through to a decision.
    • Organisers sometimes have to change or decide venue later, eg restaurant cancels us, or we made no decision last time, where to go next. (Lots of criteria for venue selection.)
    • Organisers need to check each week (or whatever our current frequency? maybe once a month?) that one of their colleagues will book, announce & attend venue on time.
    • Announce Venue: Some announcements are better than others. When you've read enough announcements, you know which were written by someone too lazy or busy, whose announcements will not encourage new chilli people to attend. A good organiser is by definition not too lazy, & if too busy, declares it, & gets a colleague to do the job properly.
    • Organisers act as hosts: They break off talking to a friend to introduce newcomers, or stir up / shuffle a less lively half bored sub group & Move people, encourage seat swapping, discourage people reverting to conversations in German, & repel smokers etc.
    • The booking organiser reminds waiter at beginning of the evening each person will pays his own bill, tells people to write on their beer mats, to avoid end of evening unpaid beers/food, & Keeps an eye on customers who might forget to pay all they've had, accidentally or deliberately. Yes of course occasionally some customers & waiters & restaurants forget, make mistakes, or deliberately try to cheat up or down, or can't add up.
    • Organisers occasionally have to consult other chilli people & organisers, then diplomatically if possible quietly tell some misfit, "Sorry, you don't fit the group, Good Bye !" ( Just occasionally the group Needs & wants organisers to identify a problem & & take responsibility to firmly deal with it (Of course everyone likes to avoid problems, but it's an organisers responsibility).
    • Organisers should encourage the others to recruit new members.
    • Organisers occasionally suggest more organiser candidates.
    • Organisers should know (though it's no longer essential) how to set their mailer software to send just Ascii Plain Text, to post to lists, avoiding to send
      Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
      The list server automatically rejects or forcibly converts HTML junk to Ascii because:
      • Combination of both HTML + Ascii text enabled by multipart/alternative is the favourite format spammers swamp the the list server with.
      • It would wastefully triple the bandwidth posting to several hundred mail list recipients.
      • It (HTML in enclosures) broke old majordomo list footers readers need to see (because if they're not seen we organisers & particularly this author lose more time answering trivial email list enquiries).
      • (Sending multipart/alternative can also advertises clueless-ness / incompetence &/or regular waste of net bandwidth.)

Alumni - Ex Organisers

  • Alumni Thanks to those who have helped organise some of whom might again, inc.: None retired so far.

Mail To Organisers

To mail the organisers, mail to chilli-org@
Mandatory: You MUST
  • temporarily chilli@ members can not mail chilli-org@
  • Mail from your same address that is listed to list chilli@
else your mail will be discarded by the robot, & Not received by the organisers. Temporarily people on chilli@ cant mail chilli-org@.

Copyright: Julian H. Stacey Munich 2015

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