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This is

We regret (Wir bedauern)

"Ernst W. Winter" <ewinter @ ewinter . org>

died / (starb) 30 November 2011

2.5.1944 - 30.11.2011

Memorial Service Im memoriam Dienst Saturday/Samstag 18 Feb. 2012

In the town he last lived in In seine letzter Stadt

A piece of Germany land locked within (ie surrounded by) Switzerland:
English: &
Deutsch: &

Ernst's web site: and a copy I jhs@ made here [jhs@ moved ot off line 2017-09-25 while purging tree to reduce bad links] (looks like duplicates (likely older

whois showed domain due to expire 17-Oct-2012
PS 2012-11-30 it showed:
  • Created On:17-Oct-2002 08:33:48 UTC
  • Last Updated On:26-Sep-2012 09:10:37 UTC
  • Expiration Date:17-Oct-2013 08:33:48 UTC
The server is only lightly populated
We will move master copy of data content to Berklix later.
Here's his web tree removed from [jhs@ moved ot off line 2017-09-25 while purging tree to reduce bad links] (looks like duplicates (likely older than the )

Where Ernst lived in reverse chronological order

Mail List Of Ernst's Friends

To subscribe his friends & relatives mail list:
  • GERMAN/DEUTSCH Ja Klar, mann koennte in Deutsch oder Englisch schreiben.
  • ENGLISH Yes, sure, you can write in English or German, he spoke both, his friends spoke either, (OK I recall he spoke some Japanese & other languages too, but please use English & German here).
  • join or leave list , or Other Mail Lists some of which he was on too primarily bim@
  • Mail Archive (for friends of Ernst discovering this late, so we don't have to recap info each time).
  • This list runs on FreeBSD, his favourite OS, & on the server(s) he was instrumental in facilitating years ago.
  • There's a link from to
  • This mail list serves no commercial or religious etc purpose, it runs on Internet servers Ernst was instrumental in enabling.
    Diese Liste dient keine Kommerzielle oder Religiose usw Zweck, es laueft durch net servers Ernst hatte geholfen im betrieb zu bringen.

People On This List:

  • Include: Friends & relatives in Munich, Buesingen, Germany, Australia France etc. 31 at Mon Mar 12 11:14:35 CET 2012
  • Not traced yet:
  • David in Australia, (Comcare etc), [Free?]BSD chap on S. coast of Spain.
  • Others friends of Ernst welcome, Andere Willkommen
  • Please Contact Julian if you have info.

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Preferably send corrections etc in diff -c format.

Some BSD etc Tech Web Sites & Lists Ernst was present on

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