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2014-06-29 Flugwerft Schleissheim Air Museum

(Next: 2017-07-08 & 09 www . flugplatz - schleissheim . de/)

This is www . berklix . org / faraday / 2014 - 06 - 29_flugwerft_schleissheim/
by Julian Stacey

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  • My camera was inadvertently in a lower quality space saving mode (the camera occasionally reverts, unfortunately), so the web has the best quality taken, there are no higher quality off line pictures available; My apologies.
  • Cockpit pictures taken by guide Herr (first name forgotten maybe someone can remind me? Rauthmann)
  • Later pictures by Julian H. Stacey, Some pictures were taken to avoid the camera timing out, waiting for someone to turn. I did not delete them because eg one picture with the blurred guide has more plane undercarriage detail.
  • If anyone can provide captions to some pictures, eg names of planes, mail me I have put clickable links to plane type on wikipedia, for those I know. mail me more URL[s] (web ref[s]) & I'll link to it/them.
  • If anyone wants to provide names of people in the cockpit, mail me, if anyone does Not want to be named, I can remove names. I have linked names of people to their professional pages, where URL is deducable, tell me if you don't want that, mail me a URL (web ref) if you do want that.
  • I started taking pictures on & after the cockpit sequence with Faraday members, as I've been there before & perhaps taken pictures before in less rushed circumstances, + I've bought the museum's book.
  • If other people put up collections of photos mail me URL[s] (web ref[s]) & I'll link to it/them.
  • Thanks to Andy Sinharay for organising for Faraday & smiley face icon 12. und 13. Juli 2014

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