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Cross Channel Ferry Ports

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Index Of Ports

Channel & North Sea Ports With Car Ferry Routes

OpenStreetMap English Channel & North Sea

Continental Ports, North East to South West

English Ports - East to West

ports . com / sea / english - channel /
Ports from mariners perspective, Not Ferry Passenger's' Perspective.

Ferry Companies

Ferries since P&O criminally sacked 800 & then some P&O ships failed safety.

  Brittany ferries

Portsmouth, Hampshire, England - { Le Havre, France, Caen, France , {Cherbourg, France (3 hours, 9 Sailings Weekly)} } ; Poole , Hampshire, England - Cherbourg, France ; Portsmouth, Hampshire, England - Roscoff, France.




Ferry Agents

Status Reports Ports, Motor-ways etc

Calais, France & Continent

Dover & England

Travel Tips

Book ferry in advance by internet, cheaper than at port. Within last 24 hours it costs more.
Through Luxembourg for cheaper fuel. No autoroute toll charge on route I used. From Aachen to Calais, France, Brussels always has traffic jams. 120 km/h in Belgium, 130 in France.
Belgium to France border heading West from Brussels:
Since Brussels bombers in Paris: 2018 it was a single diversion off autoroute, drive round a roundabout, giving police a chance to view people, back on autoroute. 2019-03 it was 2 roundabouts, & when back on autoroute, single file a long way in fast lane, with police cars parked in slow lane, ready as chase cars.
Alcohol Breathalysers,
France requires cars have 2 alcohol breathalysers, (chemical not electronic).
[Only if you are competent to work out the light pattern in advance eg in a dark garage] : No need on ferry to buy little stick on bits for lights (as dipped lights on continental cars go to right, blinding oncoming British drivers). Instead just look carefully at headlamp glass, & see where the prisms are: German lights when dipped, have prisms on left of glass, that bend light to the right to illuminate german pedestrians at right of road. Just block those prisms. My Subaru prisms section is from memory maybe 6cm long & 4cm high, tapering in toward centre. I normally tape up while waiting in the port.
Toll crossing under River Thames:
Cars costs GBP 2.5 de . wikipedia . org / wiki / Dartford_Crossing # Maut pay by net within 24 hours, or get fined.
On your return trip South, you go over the river Thames on the very high Queen Elizabeth 2nd bridge , prime your passenger ready to take pictures. de . wikipedia . org / wiki / Queen _ Elizabeth _ II _ Bridge
Avoid the London congestion zone.
If you enter it, cameras latch your car reg. no. & you must pay by Internet within 24 hours. en . wikipedia . org / wiki / London_congestion_charge There are free leaflets on the ferry, also for lots of nice castles etc to visit.

Disruptions (In chronological order, later to be reversed)

Dover / Calais, France ferry or tunnel or some other ports disrupted (eg by weather, strikes, Corona pandemic government restrictions either side of the channel, Brexit aUK NI / GB Irish trade disruption; Disgraced P&O Ferries sacking 800 staff & stopping all ferries without notice, etc) ? Find another ferry port to/ from England here.

July 2015: Calais, France ferry & tunnel disruptions by ex strikers & migrant

invasions, & matching UK M20 motorway congestion ("4,600 lorries stretched back 30 miles")).

2019 or earlier: Brexit money wasted on Un-realised Ports & Ferry Co

2020 & 2021 Corona pandemic

UK government has varying regulations for France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany, Denmark (that they change at extremely short notice, provoking chaotic pressure to rush back to UK early to avoid quarantine) .
List mailman . berklix . org / mailman / listinfo / bg - chat also discusses travel to/from UK., eg extracts from mailman . berklix . org / mailman / private / bg - chat / 2020q3 / 000269 . html
gov . uk / guidance / coronavirus - covid - 19 - countries - and - territories - exempt - from - advice - against - all - but - essential - international - travel
Mere advice from Johnson's Brexiteer   bungler   liar regime that also illegally pro-rogued parliament , & failed to Corona differentiate between Spain & Spanish Balearic Islands
UK law is of more interest than mere UK advice, so searching for mandatory regulations:
gov . uk / guidance / coronavirus - covid - 19 - travel - corridors
Which @ 2020-08-17 was too Loosely worded, & failed to address specifics, so I sent section below to government with button: Is there anything wrong with this page?
  • In ferry queue, passenger _can_ get out, even if they don't.
  • Driver has to stop close to ferry inspector, & receive ticket, Is it "mix with other people" ?
  • Driver has to stop close to customs, hand & receive passport Is it "mix with other people" ? Driver sometime must get out, walk round, open boot & or doors for smuggled immigrant & goods check Is it "mix with other people" ?
  • We have to "mix with other people" walking up from car to passenger deck inside French quarantined territorial waters. Regulations do not provide exemption.
  • People will probably get out of vehicle for toilet somewhere in transit country/ies, or at port in quarantined France, or on board ferry in French territorial water (unless a vehicle is a camper van with toilet, or unless a male by a bush alone at night) What of that is "mix with other people" ?
Johnson's UK regime regularly fumbles regulations at just a few hours notice (eg at same time school to university exam results), so
better read something more worth while Wikipedia on prevention of COVID-19 pandemic

Another possible way (apart from fly from Munich to UK) to avoid the via Calais, France to UK quarantine, might be to take a car train ? Though there are no through trains through the tunnel from Germany. All change in Brussels or Paris for passengers or Calais, France for cars. LJK thinks car train is not even close to Chunnel terminal and discontinued. car train from Germany None to France or UK: Search with : car train munich england. They used to go to Calais, France and Perpignan and Naples, etc... DB gave up the Autozug in 2016, all private now. Car trains all over Europe shrinking, Calais, France not on the list... tourenfahrer . de / reise / autoreisezuege - in - europa /

2021-01-14: politico . eu / article / ferry - firms - avoid - britain - with - brexit - buster - services - from - ireland - to - eu /
2021-02-14 France and Ireland open new ferry routes to bypass UK

  EU Border Dover : 2022-07-24 Yet Again - Lack Of French Border Police At Dover

  • A solution For: www . bbc . co . uk / news / uk - england - kent - 62273523

    • When France regularly fails to provide near enough staff to Dover, the Dover Harbour Board should actively randomly funnel enough vehicles to keep French border guards fully loaded, & redirect the overflow past the French congestion, on into the port, (to the 2nd check point, the (usually un-manned) UK Border Force posts).
      At 2022-08-04, Dover Harbour Board fail to provide a webcam to view queue length of their badly managed entry queue. Search for a webcam for Dover UK (Not Dover USA)
    • Dover Harbour traffic control staff could optionally issue windscreen mirror hangers only to vehicles they direct in to queues for French border police at Dover.
      On the back, it could be stated:
      • After parking your vehicle on the boat, Optionally remove your ferry company's mirror hanger, and/ or hang this longer mirror hanger behind the ferry company's so the "Checked At Dover" logo & date at the base, hangs visibly. .
      • French frontier police at Calais, France may prioritise you if you display "French Checked In Dover".
    • Calais, France has masses of space (built on concrete on sand dunes) for border processing both ways, but there's very little space at Dover, (built on concrete on piles driven into see beyond the cliffs).
    • All border processing in both directions would better be done at Calais, France.
    • The reason the French in recent decades switched from Calais, France, to inspect France arrivals at Dover , is it was(pre Brexit) more efficient & less queuing to receive vehicles in a steady flow, rather than have delays in Calais, France, from surges of traffic as ferries unload at Calais, France.
    • Returning the French border from Dover to Calais, France would move any Dover to Calais, France French/EU created queue chaos back to Calais, France port, relieving Dover harbour, & town & M20 & Kent.
    • Easier for French government to rustle up more border guards at short notice for work in Calais, France, not having to travel to Dover to work.
    • French TV would more likely show problems in Calais, France than Dover. French TV viewers & voters would become more aware its a French/ EU insistence on stamping all passports that causes _their_ congestion in Calais, France. Leave France, a member of the EU to negotiate how to solve their problem. EU government does not care while it remains just a British problem within the UK.
    • If the French government respond by sulking & retaliating & refuse to let British Border Force work in Calais, France
      • Britain could still examine arrivals at Dover, it would just introduce some delay just within the port of Dover, as ships unloaded, but nowhere near the current mega delays in town of Dover & the M20 would no longer be massively congested either way, & would avoid the lethal contra flow & smart motorway & movable barriers idiocies Brexit brought.
      • If the French withdrew [some] facilities at Calais, France from UK Border Force, (perhaps along with UK Customs), & if Border Force needed to set up at Dover, could be considered.
        As Dover wouldn't need so much queue space for departures, that space could be used by British Border Force
    • Costs: Consider the massive costs of M20 modifications, Lorry Parks, Operation Brock, & ongoing costs to UK & Kent economy: All wasted tax payer money, because while Miss-planning Brexit, the politicians were stupid enough Not to return the French border from Dover back to Calais, France !
  • Forward ideas to politicians, journalists or government department etc.
    Don't suffer & just moan - Tell politicians to fix their mess!
    Contacts to explore:
  • Postings to mailman . berklix . org / mailman / listinfo / brexit
  • Who To Blame ? Its more important to fix the problem, than who to blame. So ignore anyone who just Blames & fails to Solve ! That said there are some who deserve some blame:
    • Incompetent UK & French & EU government planners: They had many years to plan Brexit ! eg The UK spent years harassing UK company directors to plan their companies Brexit strategies; but incompetent UK government failed to plan it's own Brexit border strategy.
    • French stamping all passports of all Brits resident in UK is further daftness. French border police have a time consuming crisis when they encounter a British passport they previously stamped more than 3 months ago (at random in middle of passport, so they have to search each page of every passport in the queue at Dover, in case a previous idiot colleague in French border police has done the same in others!), searching for other without a matching EU exit stamp in last 3 months of 6 months elapsed).
      French have delayed the queue, asking me Not to show them my UK passport next time, but to show my German residence permit. But it's too late now. They stamped "Douvres" in my passport at Dover!
    • French President Macron; Deliberately awkward responding to Brexit, (Same pettiness as his stated intent to bring " Merde" to French citizens who were not vaccinated.) The shortage of French frontier police at Dover, is not from Corona, or "technical issues" (The French government excuse). They do it too often.
    • Some corrupt con men politicians who profited from Brexit & lied what Brexit involved, & some corrupt financiers who funded them, some foreigners illegally corrupting UK politics, to fund some pro Brexit paid media aka adverts etc. & of course some of the ignorant electorate: Turkeys who voted for Christmas !
    • Disbelieve Brexiteer / Con-Servative officials who assert it will go away later with electronic stamping - The incompetents had years to plan Brexit, & Failed us, The traveling public paid taxes for these rogues salaries! Sack incompetent managers and lieing politicians!


The generic term Migrants is used, not the specific term Refugees, because it depends where someone comes from, & conditions there, & reason for movement, & laws vary, & until people are classified by local law as legal refugees, illegal migrants, or whatever other spectrum of names, the generic word Migrant is used, as is used in eg annual bird migrations, summer migrations cross channel also increase in summer

Author: Julian Stacey

No Car Ferries

Even if a port is marked here as "No Car Ferries", still listed as shipping operators, as to quote a friend Truck ferries used to allow cars, just didn't advertise. I think Dunkirk, France, France - Dover was truck only originally.

  Corona legal restrictions on travel constantly change, so this page links to reference sources, but does not include age-ing info that would need maintenance.

UK Government: Maritime and Coastguard Agency & Maritime passenger rights

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