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Cross Channel Ferry Ports

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Dover / Calais disrupted ? Find another ferry port to England here.
(Created July 2015, after Calais ferry & tunnel disruptions by ex strikers & refugee invasions, & matching UK M20 motorway congestion ("4,600 lorries stretched back 30 miles")).

Status Reports - Translations - Maps

Channel & North Sea Ports

Brexit Transients

Openstreetmap English Channel & North Sea

Continental Ports, North East to South West

English Ports - East to West

  • Ramsgate No Ferries (Used to go to to Ostend)
  •   Dover (Eastern docks for all Ferries)
    Coming from continent to UK:
    Before leaving docks, well before seeing the roundabout (that is immediately outside docks, but when you can see it, it is too late!): Stay in Right lane for the M20, a shorter motorway to London via Folkestone. It's all too easy to make the mistake of practicing keeping in left lane now in England, then by mistake being swept up the ramp to dual carriageway to Canterbury, which has the M2 to London, but less & older motorway & longer distance. You cannot just go round the roundabout because even inside the docks the left filter lane has concrete walls blocking access to the roundabout.

  • Folkestone No Ferries (Used to go to Boulogne, old pictures)
  •   Newhaven
  •   Portsmouth Ferries
  •   Poole
  •   Weymouth
  •   Plymouth
  • Beyond Lands End, Cornwall, to {  Rosslare &   Dublin } Ireland then a 2nd ferry to Wales or England.
ports . com / sea / english - channel / Ports from mariners perspective, Not Ferry Passenger's' Perspective.

Ferry Companies

Ferry Agents

Status Reports Ports, Motor-ways etc

Calais & Continent

Dover & England

Travel Tips

Book ferry in advance by internet, cheaper than at port. I think within last 24 hours it costs more, not certain.
Through Luxembourg for cheaper fuel. No autoroute toll charge on route I used. From Aachen to Calais, Brussels always has traffic jams. 120 km/h in Belgium, 130 in France.
Belgium to France border heading West from Brussels:
Since Brussels bombers in Paris: 2018 it was a single diversion off autoroute, drive round a roundabout, giving police a chance to view people, back on autoroute. 2019-03 it was 2 roundabouts, & when back on autoroute, single file a long way in fast lane, with police cars parked in slow lane, ready as chase cars.
Alcohol Breathalysers,
France requires cars have 2 alcohol breathalysers, (chemical not electronic).
[Only if you are on competent to work out the light pattern] : No need on ferry to buy little stick on bits for lights (as dipped lights on continental cars go to right, blinding oncoming British drivers). Instead just look carefully at headlamp glass, & see where the prisms are: German lights when dipped, have prisms on left of glass, that bend light to the right to illuminate german pedestrians at right of road. Just block those prisms. My Subaru prisms section is from memory maybe 6cm long & 4cm high, tapering in toward centre. I normaly tape up while waiting in the port.
Toll crossing under River Thames:
Cars costs GBP 2.5 pay by net within 24 hours, or get fined.
On your return trip South, you go over the river Thames on the very high Queen Elizabeth 2nd bridge , prime your passenger ready to take pictures.
Avoid the London congestion zone.
If you enter it, cameras latch your car reg. no. & you must pay by Internet within 24 hours. There are free leaflets on the ferry, also for lots of nice castles etc to visit.

Author: Julian Stacey

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