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This page:

Guy Fawkes Night - Gluehwein, Bonfire, No Fireworks

Weather Forecast

Years' Details

General Description, Directions etc

In simple non glitz format for easy copying to mail list &/or forwarding to friends.

Map to Mariabrunn (North East of Dachau)

Hand drawn by Julian, so no commercial copyright publishing worries. Print & take to a book shop or petrol station to choose the best map to buy for the area; Or just take it as a passenger, to help navigate any drivers who may be new. ).

What Is Guy Fawkes Night ? - Non GEA Sites

The Pub Up The Road Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn

  • Click Anfahrt for a map from Munich
  • They're not always open for us though.
  • Sometimes we go by car to a different nearby pub.
  • Nice beer garden in summer too.

Info Just For GEA bonfire organisers.

May be Password locked, - not particularly needed by public.
For organisers & perhaps co- organisers/ helpers we recruit.
Operational Descriptions, Reminder lists, Diagrams etc.
Very useful if a regular organiser can't attend for some reason.

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