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GEA Logo GEA Constitution Left half of British Union Jack flag + Right half of German Flag

  • Sept. 1989 Constitution (PDF) (12 rules on 2 pages)
  • Rule 12 on page 2:
    "Changes to this constitution must be proposed at a quorate extra-ordinary committee meeting..."
  • Old power grabbers on 15 Dec 2008, called an EGM for Fri Jan. 16th, 2009.
    The call was Fraudulent, Not called by elected committee
  • 6 Power Grabbing Revolters:
    • 3 Controlling Pensioners:
      • A webmaster who shortly before he headed the power grab, infamously told GEA Committee "I'm not interested in GEA politics!",
      • His wife <-- fake Sunny, real Hilary J. --> the chief censor, who long ago started aging the club prematurely: who forced removal of Young Thinking from club description; hijacked original GEA mail list; censored new list to suppress dissent; & recruited numerous older people.
    • A programme editor who resigned, revolted from committee control & continued despite new editor appointed by elected committee.
  • + 3 Make Weights
    • A man who wrote the original GEA constitution then dishonoured it (supporting the fraudulent EGM), who despite being English, wrote in German saying he knew of no problems (having avoided asking the committee about problems reported).
    • 2 other make weights, too foolish or arrogant to have asked the committee what was wrong & how they could help, who preferred short term fame as Revolters.
  • Funded by someone who threatened to destroy Guy Fawkes equipment, then refused to pass profits or financial report to the committee for Treasurer.
After they grabbed web, mail & monthly programme, they spread propaganda & staged their fraudulent EGM. Membership mostly neither knew nor cared why control was subverted.
  • Since then
  • The Stammtisch has largely died.
  • No elections for a new committee, to appoint anyone responsible to rescue GEA.
  • GEA continues toward its destiny as German Elderly Association, - matching the power grabbing pensioners.
  • Some bits of GEA are not yet moribund, but much gone. Munich has other activities eg Beer Gardeners & & other etc.

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