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Munich Saturday/Friday Beer Gardeners
(& Indoors in cold, wet, & winter etc)

The Corona preamble was 2022-05-14 moved to end of page.

Every Saturday or Friday & odd extra days too.
Indoors when too cold/ wet & in winter.

2005 08 26 michaelibad bg by frankie cook If you also fancy a beer in the country or up a mountain, you may also want to join the walkers & hikers group &/or ski group, water sport group or chilli eaters etc groups - Mail lists here.
No Smoking Do NOT Bring Smokers !


  • QUESTIONS - Not By Email
  • WHERE IN MUNICH & Nearby ?
    (You need name & password from bg list footers for reviews)
  • Inside or Outside ?
  • ENGLISH ! Not German.
  • Indoor Seating Reservations
  • Fraudulent short measures
  • Irish & Guinness pubs
  • Transport & MVV
  • Bikes - German national Fines & other Munich hazards.
    ( We don't drink & drive cars, not all have bikes, so we choose Beer gardens near public transport. They sometimes have convenient cycle routes nearby. )
  • Fancy a hot Curry / Chilli ?
  • Ultimate Beer Gardeners in a British river 16 Nov. 2015
    More dedicated than us, Credit to them smiley face icon
  • Brexit Beer Gardeners. Summer Monthly Beer Gardens in 2017 to agonise & swap advice about Brexit. Co-ordinated by mail list
  • Beer Calories
  • Other Groups:

    No Questions By Email

    Please do Not mail the author questions, Read the page below for answers. Author has no time for repetitive email questions, when he should be doing paid computer work, at his screen, sorry ! - Please ask the organisers or others At the Beer garden, over a beer, when we're happy to chat, de-focused from screens!


    • WE'RE SELECTIVE ! smiley face icon : You want to socialise with people you'll get on with ? Us too ! Various types don't suit you ? Us too ! So both you And the group retain rights to decline, review, withdraw membership
    • SUMMARY: English speaking (relaxed & fluent) multi- national, lively, intelligent, non smokers, no drunks, etc.
    • The mail line footer defines us, (with occasional variation on what can be crammed on one line), eg: Fluent English speaking international bright lively non smokers.
    • NOT GEA. Please do Not recruit more/ most GEA people !
    • There's Lots of other English clubs people can join.

      • Some of us are English .
      • All of us can speak English .
      • Some can speak German.
      • Some are German,
      • Some are or have been eg: American, Austrian, Canadian, Chinese, English, French, German, Iraqi, Irish, Pakistani, Scots, Singapore, Spanish, Swedish, Syrian, Welsh, etc.
      • We are not a linguists group, but random professionals.
    • Just ENGLISH SPEAKING Not German Speaking
      • Speak English with us. You don't need to be a native English speaker though; natives of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc languages all welcome.
      • Germans who join us come to speak English, not German.
      • If you want to speak German, we are Not the right group for you:
        • Native English speakers who want to inflict their German on us are Not Welcome !
        • Native German speakers who can speak English, but don't, should join other groups.
        • Talking in German for long, would dilute the group, (as GEA was long ago Germanised, then failed).
        • To speak German, don't join us, join innumerable other clubs run in Munich Germany, where about 80% of toward 2 million people are native German speakers.
        • Disagree ?
      • Fluent English Speaking
        • Flakey English grammar is not so bad: Better you get the grammar wrong, than bore us waiting, searching for the right phrase.
        • We do not correct people. That would break up conversation. We're Not an unpaid language school. There's plenty of English teachers in Munich you can employ.
        • We do not make speeches. ! We're not Munich toast masters.
        • Do not bring friends who can only speak German, that's not fair to us (or them) !
        • Can you switch to German if stuck ?
          Yes, if really stuck, for a bit, & others listening happen to want to understand German, (not all can or want to). German is Not the preferred language, any more than Russian or Turkish or Chinese, so revert to English as soon as possible.
        • If you are German, & you'r English is "Iffy" do not make the mistake of bringing more German friends with marginal English to keep you company, find a German speaking group.
        • People are removed when they can't / don't / won't speak English. Not just Germans, even native English speakers are Not Welcome to practice German on us, & are removed if doing so.
      • Thoughts on [German] grammar
      • Disagree ?
    • NON SMOKERS. Exclusively ! Do NOT bring smoker friends !
      •   No Smoking NON SMOKERS ONLY
      • Do NOT Bring Smokers ! Not even outside ! Some of us eg are allergic &/or hate smoke.   Most of us do not want to be near, even outside.
      • Do Not Smoke just before arrival, Do not nip out for smokes & return, breath stinking of smoke. (It's impossible to avoid the death breath of a smoker sat next to you, who turns to talk to you on same bench). Smokers can buy nicotine chewing gum for the evening, or use nicotine adhesive patches, or consume snuff well away from us, or have their first smoke well away from us after leaving for the evening, or Don't Join Us ! Go join smokers at the other beer garden group.
      • (Restaurants that were smoke free before Bavaria's 1st half hearted ban & later Bavaria's 2nd more rigorous ban.
      • Disagree ?
      • We are mostly professionals, mostly intelligent (debate any implied associativity, or assert any lack of logical connectivity over a beer ;-)
      • We're not ``politically correct', (aka new trendy word `Woke`) Mental strait jackets imposed by others not accepted.
        We speak real English not crippled by American (or, increasingly also by British too) politicians' political correctness, We call a spade a spade, (Which we mean as An English noun, related to a shovel, not an American noun as racial slang) We talk about the sex (not gender) of a thing (if anyone gives a flying monkey's ;-) & if anyone asks for a Rest Room or Bathroom, they'll likely be teased that if they needed to rest or bathe, that was best done at home first ;-) Pubs, bars & Beer Gardens have toilets, but not baths & beds to rest ;-)
      • We do not bring kids & babies making a racket & interrupting & reducing complex conversation to the mundane.
      • Disagree ?
    • NO DRUNKS,
      • We do Not drink to get drunk
      • `Head bangers' groups exist elsewhere ;-)
      • Seriously abusive behaviour not tolerated, drunk or sober.
      • We do Not encourage (or discourage ;-) alcohol consumption, most drink beer, author sometimes drinks Alkohol- frei beer , a few drink wine, a few drink Rabarba- schoerle (Rhubarb with fizz) etc. Coffee's fine if you don't want alcohol. We won't push you to drink alcohol, though obviously you have to buy Something, at least mineral water, to pay the pub for the table.
      • We're not averse to a lively debate/ argument but only if people remain intelligent & Listen too, & no one monopolises conversation.
      • Motor mouths not needed. Alcohol lubricated non stop talkers Not wanted.
      • There's pretty much nothing we consider off limits to discuss. If you're easily offended, you nay well have a problem, though we likely will not ;-)
      • Disagree ?
    • LIVELY
      • Come with an open lively mind,
      • Don't be stuffy, If you want "Sie" rather than "Du" (Not that we'll be speaking German anyway), or Mr/Dr Smith rather than John.Joan,Join some other group, not us.
      • Move seats a few times during the evening. Make _your_ contribution to enlivening topics & debate ! Sitting at the same seat all evening can be stultifying both for you And your neighbours - move around !
        • You may not be bored yet.
        • Others might not be bored with you yet.
        • But others may. Or maybe they want to talk to someone else too, & you more later.
        • Those stuck against a wall can't circulate.
        • Maybe someone next to a free seat is bored & would welcome you moving there ?
        • Make your contribution: don't just sit there, Move On !
        • Get up & you should Expect your seat to be `stolen' by someone else, they are Supposed To! It makes for variety for all.
        • "That's my seat!" Is Not acceptable! Just rescue your beer and mat & move to a new seat.
        • If you don't like it, Don't come.
        • Disagree ?
      • Are you too lazy to get your own email ?
      • Then you'r not mentally lively &/or adept enough for the group.
      • Join some other group, not us.
      • We have no time to answer phones or SMS people info.
      • We do Not update a web page each week. (This author often did many years back, but it was more work, + Our email list relays to whole group in just minutes, & not to whole public on web sites, some of who do not fit group).
      • We do Not want you phoning us each week, interrupting us, just just for the venue announcement. Get yourself a free email address *you don't even need a computer for that, you can access it via an Internet cafe)
      • Join List
      • Disagree ?
      • If you wish to suggest & discuss venues, & help choose, announce & host venues, Please do, You are very welcome. Please volunteer yourself to BG Organisers.
      • But, If you wish to vigorously Argue & Assert Your opinion:
        • You have the right to leave us without notice.
        • We have the right to remove you without notice.
      • If You Argue With BG Organisers, about BG Organisation, & vigorously Assert your non organiser's opinion eg:
        • We should accept everyone without choice
        • We should organise things Your way
        • Your opinion on organising carries as much weight as organisers
        You will be removed as a liability,
        • Our regularly working organisers are our chief asset, far more valuable than non organisers.
        • Do Not annoy, waste time of, or risk demotivating organisers from organising.
        • The organisers have invested much time organising, organisers time is much more valuable than that of non organisers, & organisers opinions far outweigh the opinions of non organisers, when it comes to Organising
        • It's not unfair or biased, but is fact, it's
          • A reward to the few organisers who Work for our common benefit,
          • An incentive to non organisers to please sometimes volunteer to help organise next venue.
        • You are welcome to Buy the right to assert opinions on organising, by first working free as an organiser.
      • (Some saw an old club (GEA) wither from it's open door policy, tolerating misfits, a few malign, & sundry over opinionated non organisers. An object lesson to avoid repeating. )
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Question: "Do you really want new people to come ?"
      • YES, we want people who will fit the group.
      • No, we don't want people who will not fit the group.
      • You decide if the group may be for you.
      • If so join the list, come to events, if it's not for you, leave list
      • Don't have a buyer's expectation of a gushing advert, hyping us to you: We are Not selling to you !
      • Unlike some other sites, we do not advertise at you, or harvest or sell your mail address etc, & we charge no membership or event entrance etc.
      • We just state who we are, (partly defined by who we are Not), & you decide to join us or not.
      • We offer Free organisation of events, but just for those who fit the group; Many friends attend regularly.
      • We are dependent on the time organisers donate us free, so we protect our group & especially organisers.
      • One occasional rogue can demotivate organisers, & spoil the fun many innocents generate.
      • Another club died from an open door policy tolerating misfits, so: we are cautious: Not just the individual but also the group retains a right to decide if the other is a fit or a misfit.
      • If you stay in the group, & preferably invest time helping us organise, your experience will later carry weight to discuss with organisers.
      • The author has been a major clubs organiser for decades, contributed masses of free time to club & event organising, as have numerous other organisers too.
      • Non & prospective members should Not email us to discuss policy. Just join list or not, Join the group a few times, & if not for you, leave list.
      • Members who've attended events for a while are welcome to discuss with organisers preferably at an event, not by email.


    • Mail List Founded: maybe around 1995 give or take 5 years or so ?, some years after 1985, long before 2001 (When I remember sending bg@ list a live alert on planes in 11 Sep 2001 NY twin trade towers, pentagon, etc).
    • If drinking inside Mark Your Beer Mats Avoid mistakes, remind your neighbours too, especially if waiter does not do it for you. In every big group, some drinkers sometimes forget to pay enough, occasionally some rogues may deliberately not pay enough, occasionally some waiters cheat too, (one waiter tried to bill us for a spare cheeseburger !) Most drinkers & waiters are honest. Cheats exist too. Mistakes happen too, Alcohol doesn't aid memory & counting. Mark the mat.
    • Join the mail list where we announce this week's venue.
    • In dodgey weather or crowded venues, be on time &/or note the organisers mobile number from the announcement. We go when we want.
    • Most other beer garden indexes are little to no use for us. as most other indexes:
      • Full of hype & gloss, & prioritise history, culture & other irrelevance, (may be nice to know, but we choose by our own beer garden criteria).
      • Others don't warn if short measures
      • Others in German language, well not all our people speak German, or want to read yet more German. (One index is even in faked mis-spelled Bavarian, indecipherable if you'r new/ only read Hoch Deutsch ie proper German, not mis spelt dialect).
      • Fraudulent short measures are Very common in rip off Munich, where even government is on the O'fest rip off, charging way over 100 mass (DE of tax per 100 litres of beer sold, instead of ensuring proper measures served. The locals are so used to be ripped off, most indexes don't mention it.
      • Most indexes don't list if a Beer Garden delivers bad service while priding itself on being Bavarian, some have obnoxious staff one example
    • Do they serve Wrong beer or bad beer ?
      Breweries merged to lessen choice for customers. (Same complaint we had in UK, when CAMRA started), Jim (an organiser) dislikes Franziskaner beer, (& I've chucked away much of 2 mass dunkles beers at Stigl- maier), so some F. places marked to aid selection
    • It's been suggested we should remove some beer gardens from the index, indeed this author too has been tempted to, but on consideration we think that's not best solution, as certain problems can be worked round sometimes, & not listing problems just leaves us mystified & memories fading, till perhaps we get bitten again by same problem, plus inevitably everywhere will fail at some time, nowhere can be consistently perfect, so better to just list know good And bad points & people can decide where to go on a per visit basis.
    Hence this Index is Not verbose enthusiastic gush to promote tourism, written by PR weenies, paid for breweries & drinking trade. It's the opposite: It's notes on what's right & more importantly Wrong with places.


    • Listen ... we speak English.
    • (OK, That won't help you much in an Irish pub, so ...)
    • Ask the waiter for reservation name BERKLIX.
    • If you don't know what organisers look like, check organisers web sites, & or use a mobile phone.
    • At most beer gardens, we sit over the back, in the self service area, near the Kid's Play Area (KPA) often, if there is one, unless otherwise announced. Near the kids area started 'cos a few people used to have kids with them occasionally, but it's usually also easier to reserve more space for unknown quantities of people, in what is usually the quieter less smokey (but more noisey) KPA area. Don't let mention of KPA in mails scare you We are Not a child oriented family group There's usually no kids now, Some are semi allergic to kids, certainly in bulk, We often sit near the KPA just for more space, less smokers, & despite the noise.


    Mostly on SATURDAYS (2/3 prefer that, 1/3 Fridays, though we started on Fridays. Sometime we move to Fridays to avoid big football matches on TVs in pubs on Sat.)

    Default nominal approximate start times (unless otherwise announced) subject to fine tuning discussion (raise topic in a Beer Garden!):
    • May & June: 18:00
    • July & August: 18:30 / 19:00
    • September: (politician's fake summer time) 18:00 = 17:00 (solar time)

    • If still warm in winter time will appear a lot earlier of course on clock, but not so much earlier, when you remember to think solar & not compare with politician's fake summer time).
    • Winter & Indoors Starts: 20:00
    Some arrive earlier & help reserve space, & some later. Many of us are English, no need to be very punctual, it's a beer garden, not a business appointment ! If you arrive before organisers, get us a big enough good table away from smoke etc, & keep an eye out for organisers, & other regular beer gardeners.

    We Do Not Meet Earlier For Convenience Of Parents With Kids

    • We are an Adults Group. Not a families group for kids.
    • Find some more appropriate group for parents & families; Not us.
    • Join us alone: Pay a baby sitter/ child minder, or Take turns with other parents, neighbours, etc, one to stay with kids, others going out.
    • Join us in the evening to eat, drink & converse to adult themes & schedules, Not in mid afternoon with kids.
    • Please Do Not Ask For Start Times Convenient For Kids !
      We've tried that various times over years, each time it failed !
      • Many Beer Gardeners skipped events completely when parents prevailed on us for an early start to suit children. Even stalwarts came later.
      • Parents are unreliable, quite likely to not show, despite we've committed to change plans for various couples, they fail to commit to us, put their kids various problems first, disrupt us with no shows, after they asked to disrupt us to start earlier - for their kids!
      • Organisers get bored waiting very early for low turnout of parents & kids & normal people turn up hours later or more likely don't show that week.
      • Reduced turnout, + presence of kids, discourages turnout to subsequent events.
      • Kids tire early, & some become a nuissance, parents then leave us early to take kids home
      • The depleted remainder get left: not wanting to drink more alcohol after a too early start, regretting they didn't start later & get more done before the early start, (after Beer Garden started too soon, to suit parents & kids now gone), knowing it's inappropriate after drinking to return to continue work (eg on computer or equipment etc) suspended earlier, not tired yet as its still early, wondering what to do next ?

    Inside or Outside ?

    Sometimes, we are in venues with weather that allow us to chose Inside or Outside. If not a beer garden but a restaurant, then we book ahead, & usually they are not sure of the weather so book us inside by default. We may not want inside, but that's what we get, if we don't actively ask to change it. Inside may be too hot, Outside may or not be what we want: We are fresh air afficionado, but outside there's poisonous smokers wind drift, possible rain, & pigeons dropping)
    Here's how we decide In Or Out:
    • We're not afraid to sit in 2 groups, 1 in, 1 out.
    • We're honourable enough to greet newcomers with statement "There's also another group of us in/out side!"
    • Any attender at a BG venue can call for a vote, & organiser must then not sit idle, but call votes For Move, Stay, & Abstain.
    • Minorities can individually go/remain in/out side, floaters will follow where the vote & organiser goes.
    • organiser must get up & lead majority (if for a move), even if organiser then personally exercises individual right to return to previous minority location.
    • organiser gets an initial vote like everyone else.
    • If there's a draw, organiser gets a 2nd casting vote.
    • Votes are by public simultaneous show of hands, For, Against & Abstain.
    • Not secret/ verbal aside to organiser, hence no bluffing/ fudging of totals.

    Bad weather Start Time

    If the weather has been bad all day, if the announcement included a fallback indoor venue, we may automatically go there rather later than the preferred outdoor beer garden. If on the other hand the weather turns nasty at the last minute, & we divert en route or fresh from the Beer garden, we'll likely be at the alternate venue pretty much on time. We're not easily dislodged from a beer garden though, a few spots of rain may of us are used to, from growing up much closer to the Atlantic than here :-)


    Question: "I'll Be Late, How Long Will You Be There ?"
    Answer: How Late Will You Be ?
        Don't Ask Me ! - We don;t know ! We're Not Going To Commit Ourselves ! Your Problem ! Risk It Or Mobile Us

    • Some of us may be there most of the evening if the weather is fine, but if the Beer garden is announced in advance of unpredictable weather, we will have no idea how long we or others will want to stay.
    • We usually leave when it's cold or dark, or bored, or any other reason, sometime we leave very early; occasionally we're still there even if it's raining intermittently, but we don't wait forlornly for people who might arrive, when we're thinking of leaving.
    • If you want to encourage us to wait for you, send friends in advance to keep us company, (perhaps pretty or handsome friends, with spare food, drink, or sparkling repartee ;-) that'll encourage the group to stay on ... if the weather's good !
    • You're allowed to bring your own food to most or all Munich beer gardens we announce, so you don't need to eat at home first !.
    • Avoid always arriving late & expecting us to wait, half bored at a largely empty table. At least sometimes, arrive near-ish to time, & give organisers the benefit of your company at the beginning, rather than the end, when we've had enough, & are bored waiting for late-comers to drink up.
    • On good evenings, it's some times a problem defending our table space when beer gardens fill up. Arrive before we are likely to be pestered by strangers for our spare space.
    • Do not follow the example of one unknown idiot, who told no one he'd be coming, arrived over an hour late, to a beer garden closed by the Wirt (Landlord) on a cold day for lack of business, where we could buy no more beer. That person was actually indignant that we'd gone, & hadn't waited just in case someone we neither knew nor expected turned up ! We're not daft - we don't wait on the off chance, particularly in poor weather.


    Mail List

    • Join or Leave Mail List or Other Lists
    • Beer gardens are announced at short notice on the email list
    • The organisers usually try to announce venues on Thursday afternoons, as it's convenient for those who only get email at home.
    • In spring & autumn it's hard to plan ahead, sometimes we delay announcements to Friday, while waiting on the weather, deciding if a more sheltered beer garden, or different inside fallback options are needed.
    • It's best, at least for spring & autumn, if not for summer too, to [also] join your work address rather than [or as well as] your home address.
    • If you stick to just a winter home based address, you'll also miss spontaneous short notice mid week beer gardens

    Mobile Phones

    (`Cell Phone' to use the original American name, spuriously renamed as `Mobile Phone' in Britain, & mistakenly called a `Handy' by Germans using wrongly adopted English ).

    Yes we have mobiles. No we don't want numbers listed here, ask us personally if you feel the need.

    People who claim mobiles are essential for finding friends in a beer garden are out of their tree, mobiles are merely a convenience for the caller, but non-essential, & disturbing to table conversation of others adjacent to person called.

    The beer gardens started before people had mobile phones. When we didn't know where the group was, we simply walked methodically, slowly & sequentially up & down rows, looking at faces, this method works well even in the very biggest Munich beer gardens, (IE Hirsch- Garten, Chinesicher Turm, Augustiner, etc). You might also by chance meet others of your friends who may want to join us, or even people you hope may become friends ;-)

    SMS (Short Message Service)

    If you want to know where we are: phone us, don't SMS us, some (inc. this Author) do not respond to SMS.

    If you are interested to find a gateway we could use to automatically (not just manually) gateway email announcements to SMS announcements: Do realise, SMS's cost, so who will pay ? There's more to this than just being an MS-Windows end user who uses some SMS gateway to send one off SMSs. SMS gates make money by forcing people to read adverts, so the entry format must change periodically to force you to read adverts on line. It would be a thankless task to keep updating the robot interface. Also no doubt German operators would declare it illegal.

    I have no free time to write & maintain the required scripts to interface to a gate, but if some other programmer wants to do the programming, I can provide the 24/7 Internet connected server base (FreeBSD Unix), with whatever Perl/Java etc type stuff is necessary.


    • Venues are decided where possible at previous beer gardens, by all who intend to come to next week's venue, failing that (& when weather changes) by the Beer Garden Organisers to this schedule:
      • Organisers normally start discussing/ deciding next Saturday/Friday's venue on Tuesday.
      • Sometimes when the weather forecast is indeterminate, we delay till Wednesday.
      • We normally announce by early/ mid Thursday afternoon.
    • We try to spread the selection geographically. More weight attaches, if the venue nominated is from a regular, &/or not particularly near the home/work of the nominator, it being easy, but not so helpful if people just nominate their local beer garden.
    • If the weather's good, we often go further to a cooler open park location, if the weather is marginal, to a more sheltered one in town.
    • If you have a suggestion for a future venue, best suggest it on a Saturday/Friday to one of the organisers
    • It's hard in the dark at the end of an evening, to recognise & remember who & how many will commit to coming to which next venue, so it's helpful if those involved subsequently mail the organisers saying EG "Include me in the list of faces for people to look for at next venue [XYZ], - I expect to be there roughly on time"
    • In the very rare liklihood none of the numerous organisers will be available to co-ordinate a decision, we would try to forecast & announce that in advance, & invite list members to step forward & announce something, so that an opportunity is not missed.
    • If you nominate a venue by email, DO include the web address ! If you fail to include web address, organisers will likely will ignore the suggestion, as you would waste their time searching & perhaps dis-ambiguating.


    2002 Autumn, after beer garden weather ceased, we continued to meet each Friday in a variety of venues, some of us going on to GEA Stammtisch later, (but many not).

    We became an all weather group.

    2006 we dumped smokey dives inc GEA Stammtisch, & used smoke free venues.

    Then the law changed (2008 or 2009) & most decent places became smoke free, & our venues widened.

    2010, January, We switched from Friday to Saturday, as avoiding pubs with football on TV & avoiding pubs with Franziskaner Weissbier became too much trouble, & more people preferred Saturdays.

    Indoor Seat Reservation

    • In beer gardens, you can just turn up, but if you are nice enough to tell organisers in advance, it can help them know how many adjacent tables to try to get, & who to look for.
    • For indoor venues with seating booked by Organisers
      • Please Always Reserve Seats With Organisers (Not with operator of the venue).
      • When you'r probable coming but not certain yet, don't remain silent, give organisers clues we can add up: We prefer Not to hear " likely maybe may might possibly probably ". We prefer numeric estimates of probability you will turn up. 3 people guessing 33% is one extra seat booked.
      • organisers always answer each request for seats inside, normally with a Yes, sometimes also increasing seats booked at venue.
      • If organiser does not confirm your request: Your mail did not reach us. You Are Not Booked! You Have No Seat. Please phone organiser & book seats.
        Please also report mail failure either to postmaster@YourDomain &/or postmaster@berklix. Any postmaster requires full unchanged bounce headers & error messages, The actual texts beyond, written by humans are not of much relevance & can be removed.
      • No problem with people who normally book, & just occasionally don't.
      • Those who Never book, who regularly turn up at reserved venues, get removed from mail list:
        • They disrupt, needing to extend or shrink guessed table sizes.
        • They squash others, & will be moved away when booked people arrive.

    Short Measures Fraud - Betrug

    • Muenchen is rightly proud of the Koenig Ludwig Erlass (when the King of Bavaria granted Munich brewers permission to sell their beer under the trees they'd planted to keep their cellars cool, on condition they allowed citizens to bring their own food). Rather unique, not the case in most of Germany or Britain
    • Sadly, to balance that pride, there is the Shame of Short Measures:
    • Lots of beer gardens & beer halls often seriously short measure, particularly at Oktoberfest. Some O'fest tourists might not care, & go home boasting of having drunk more mass of beer... but if a mass is 0.9 to 0.7 litres as the evening wears on & froth replaces beer, it's an empty boast.
    • Traditional bier steins, opaque, such as at Nock- herberg stark bier fest, are ideal for short measures. Too many of mine were short measures. Better to buy stark bier from a bottle, poured into a glass, a half litre you can trust.
    • Magazine articles in 2008 estimate O'fest fraud is worth around 5 million euros, or .75 cents fraud per mass, & the city council don't much care, not looking to enforce an average to the mark, but just monitoring if way too short.
    • Gross consistent regular short measuring that would get any pub in England closed down promptly by the Weights & Measures Inspectorate, are tolerated.
    • On the other hand, the Reinheits- Gebot (Purity law) ensures (theoretically cleaner beer than in UK (though ask me over a beer, about a UK chemical lorry driver I met regularly delivering to a Munich brewery ;-)
    • Anti short measures club costs 6 Euro a year membership. Less than a short mass ! Prost !

    Transport & MVV

    All Link to S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram, Bus, arrive here,

    TVs can be Too Noisey in Bars

    Some varied solutions:

    Beer Calories

    Beamish Stout 360
    Guinness Stout mid strength (the correct name, 2.8% ABV) 280
    Guinness Stout 370
    Murphy's Stout 370
    Paulaner Dunkel 450
    Paulaner Hell non alcoholic 260
    Paulaner Hell 420
    Paulaner Oktoberfest beer 500
    Paulaner Salvator (Stark) 710
    Paulaner Weissbier non alcoholic 200
    White Bread is about 265 calories per 100 grams (about 4 slices).
    So a mass of Paulaner Salvator is equivalent to about a large loaf of bread!
    PS read in a book ( SustainableEnergy-withoutthehotair-DavidJCMacKay.epub) that Nutritionists Calories are really 1000 chemist's Calories ! Sigh !


    Missing the chat you'd get with friends in the beer garden or over curry ?

    Join the unmoderated mail chat lists for Beer Gardeners & Curry Eaters
    You could also join a live virtual session Same days & times as normal, arrange it on the chat lists.

    Corona, Contact Trace Data, Mail Lists & GDPR ..... or Skip Below Corona Box

    This boxed grey notice is also pointed to from & for other Berklix Mail List Events
    • Bavarian Government in German: for latest regulations
    • Bavarian Government in English - (via ) for latest regulations
    • Bavarian Government in German - Past History (at for older versions of corona regulations.
    • German Diplomatic Service in UK in English - Travel advice
    • Translation Engines
    • Corona Info, Not Specific To Berklix Beer Gardeners
    • Policy

      Our Beer Gardeners & Organisers are individuals with varied perspectives some are more & less worried / strict / lax / paranoid / careful or careless about the virus & regulations. Some attend or organise as before, some less, some not at all. Like society at large there's a spectrum of perspectives & personal & government policies. Perspectives depend where the observed & observer stands, & a matter of time, geography, local, neighbouring, & world news & statistics, & local regulations... There's no uniform policy to label us all too this or that ;-)
    • Practice

      There's a conundrum with the combination of { Corona Track & Trace, Who has event contact info in event of a Corona trace back, the Mail List (automaticaly archived ) receiving seat bookings, & government need for swift contact info, eg email address & phone numbers etc, & Berklix's unpaid volunteer admin staff adamant in refusing to waste time for EU's GDPR }.
      Our practice below. If you are subscribed to bg@ & will suggest improvements, to Organisers on bg-org@ or over a beer, please do. Or un-subscribe yourself from bg@ any time.
      • Organisers ask in each announcement to bg@ for all attenders to email organisers via bg-org@ if they want to attend.
      • Organisers on bg-org@ just receive your email address & human name
      • Do Not mail bg-org@ your other personal contact info such as phone numbers etc in seat bookings you send to bg-org@. Your replies to bg-org@ are retained forever in the bg-org@   archive, (available only to Organisers). It is not editable or removable (it is not some commercially operated database but just a classic mail archive.
        Do not mail bg-org@ personal info ! We do Not want your personal info ! It could be be a major liability to us, re. GDPR, we might need to deem it reason to instantly purge you from all lists to keep us safe from GDPR time wasters who might otherwise burden our unpaid Berklix volunteers, wasting our time.
      • Exception: We don't ask you to, but if you wanted, you always could: un-subscribe from bg@ & re-subscribe bg@ with a longer name. eg un-subscribe "John Smith" <> and re-subscribe as "John Smith, +49 89 12345678, Mobile +44 1234 567689, 1 Penguin Road, Berkeley" <>
        This is allowed because
        • Mailman has always supported it, ages before GDPR & Corona It's nothing new, it's always been possible, we're just telling you in case you might really want to. We are emphaticaly Not asking you to.
        • You retain total control of all your data at all times, & can yourself delete all, edit anew, re-submit all.
        • All without consuming our time checking/ changing/ deleting/ adding your data,
        • It protects us from GDPR - we unpaid volunteers do not want your data, & do not want our time wasted by GDPR
        • We much prefer you don't give Berklix any contact info. As even you just re-subscribing may require an admin spend time time clicking subscription approval (as some lists have subscription monitored to block abuse). Best give Berklix No personal info, we don't want the hastle! Thanks.
      • Bavarian Regs require venues to keep contact lists of customers, (usually for 2 weeks).
      • Organisers comply, giving their own correct contact detail.
      • If you want to voluntarily add your contact info to the list the venue collects, Do so direct to the list held by venue, not via the organiser.
      • Sometimes a venue requires names or full contacts for all, sometimes just a single name for a table or group.
      • The venue might only collect contact info from the first in the group to arrive, that might or not be the event organiser.
      • We ask all on bg@ list who have attended an event to remain regularly in frequent receipt of possible bg@ announcements for 2+ weeks after, in case government requests a fast Corona trace back alert to event attenders.
        This means do not subscribe an address you only check once a week !
      • If there's a Corona outbreak & government tracers want to know who was there, expect them to trace back via contacts listed at venue.
      • If that's not the organiser, we expect first attender to forward request quickly to event organiser.
      • Event organisers should retain a list of attender names at event, for at least as long as law and common sense requires, & longer if convenient. The organiser's personal list should be supplemented by names of anyone who turned up at event, un-booked by email to bg-org@ as those names will not be in the bg@ mail archive/
      • The organiser usually announces a list of first names of people expected.
      • That announcement is in the bg@ mail archive, the mail archive is readable by all on the bg@ announcement list.
      • In event of a Corona traceback:
    • You are welcome to report latest Beer Garden individual changes of implementation of Bavarian regulations etc, to either Beer Garden Organisers or List bg-chat@. If writing to List bg-chat@ join it first as posts from non members are automaticaly discarded unseen.
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