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Legal Liability Disclaimers

Web Provider's Disclaimer

Web site owner & associates make no warranty, recommendation or otherwise.

GEA's Disclaimer

The organisation of and participation in all events is on a voluntary basis. All liability is disclaimed. Participants are responsible for their own actions, & the health, safety & life etc of themselves & others involved.

An Outdoor Event Organiser's More Explicit Warning


Some events such as ski trips can be high risk; Floating down a river can be dangerous: (2 GEA members nearly drowned once); One wrong step on a mountain ridge .... etc.

Insure Yourself

If you want insurance cover, buy your own from some company. GEA's assets are minimal, it's not insured, not registered. Organisers, leaders etc probably not qualified, registered, & almost certainly Not insured to cover you etc.

Don't Expect Commercial Courier Service

If you want commercial levels of luxury inc. travel couriers, qualified registered insured organisers etc & someone you can sue: Do Not come on GEA events, go instead to commercial events sold by commercial companies, not to non- profit events organised free by GEA volunteers in their unpaid donated time.

Kids & Pets

Do not bring kids or pets etc, unless:
  • You ask in advance, & organiser tells you kids & pets etc not excluded.
  • You will take personal total & sole responsibility the entire time.

Editors' Disclaimer

I & we disclaim all liability, for any information I may be given to post (events lists, editorial, etc), good or bad, right or wrong, we all work free of charge on a good faith, best efforts, & "hope its correct & sufficient" basis. If information is late, sorry, but apart from retiree-es the rest of us have jobs & real life (& business & other trips) that take priority. Join the mail lists to keep up to date.

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