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German English Association - Munich


  • A group of (*)young thinking people.
  • (*)The "Young Thinking" was always a double entendre, (dual comprehension phrase): Did it mean young people who think ? or people of all ages who think young ? By 2004 it had got to the stage that many of the younger element skipped the Stammtisch & went to the beer gardens & winter alternate venues instead. Ask different people & you'll get different opinions, & learn more about the GEA & it's different sub groups & members ;-)


  • E: Everything from sport to culture, you can think of.


One way if you'r lively is to join the beer garden Group any Friday throughout the year.

Failing that, traditional way was :

  • E: Pick an event and come along. Phone numbers are in the programme.


  • E: Just come along on a Friday after 21:00 and ask for a committee member to introduce you to organisers of events that interest you.
  • (Author's note: The above always was official policy, but many newcomers & experienced club members recommend it's easier to first go to one or more events, then go to the Stammtisch after you know some faces; Your choice smiley face icon Personally I'd suggest include a visit to the all year Beer garden group).



  • E: NOTHING ! There is NO membership fee.


  • Do cultural, food, drink, & travel events etc
  • Ski, climb mountains, go down holes, wind surf etc
  • Are of a wide variety of nationalities. We even have periodic optional Spanish & French & Russian evenings.
  • Can mostly all speak at least English or German (not necessarily both).

    Some few in GEA can't speak English: ((Author's comment: : Unfortunate that, for while for Germans there's no shortage of other clubs locally where one can indeed must speak local language, too much German can un-necessarily dilute a rare English speaking club, & deter new native English speakers who haven't learnt German yet, (& not just native speakers eg Brits, Anzacs, Americans, Indians, etc want an English speaking club, but also many Germans, Austrians, Swedes, Dutch etc don't want to see GEA swamped by German language.

Structure: Loose & Informal

The GEA has no affiliates, no commercial links, no branches in other cities. It is a non profit association, but not a German registered e.v. club, nor tax registered, & not insured etc. Our organisers are highly likely Not qualified in whatever activity, we just Do it for fun, unpaid. You take part AT YOUR OWN RISK. Buy insurance from some commercial insurer if you want insurance. It's been that way for over a quarter century, If you don't like it, do not join us, instead go purchase membership or training with some other club or company.
Yes we have annual elections, sometimes botched, sometimes nobbled, but GEA tries to be democratic, come join us, then also vote & monitor grass roots democracy in wobbly action smiley face icon

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