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    ugen0.3: <XPA2535XY 1.3M WebCam> at usbus0
kldload kldload cuse.ko
cd /usr/ports/multimedia/webcamd ; make install
webcamd -l
    webcamd [-d ugen0.1] -N Intel-EHCI-root-HUB -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.1] -N Intel-EHCI-root-HUB -S unknown -M 1
    webcamd [-d ugen1.2] -N vendor-0x8087-product-0x0020 -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen0.2] -N vendor-0x8087-product-0x0020 -S unknown -M 1
    webcamd [-d ugen0.3] -N XPA2535XY-1-3M-WebCam -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.3] -N Semi-Tech-Semi-Tech-PS-2-Keyboard---PS-2-Mouse -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.4] -N vendor-0x05e3-USB2-0-Hub -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.6] -N Cypress-Sem-PS2-USB-Browser-Combo-Mouse -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.5] -N vendor-0x2770-USB-Digital-Still-Camera -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd [-d ugen1.7] -N SAMSUNG-SAMSUNGAndroid -S 248d1752 -M 0
webcamd -d ugen0.3 -N XPA2535XY-1-3M-WebCam                  -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd 2301 - - webcamd: Cannot find USB device
webcamd -d ugen1.5 -N vendor-0x2770-USB-Digital-Still-Camera -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd 2270 - - Attached to ugen1.5[0]
    webcamd 2270 - - Creating /dev/video0

webcamd -d ugen1.6  -N vendor-0x2770-USB-Digital-Still-Camera -S unknown -M 0
    webcamd 1708 - - Attached to ugen1.6[0]
    webcamd 1708 - - Creating /dev/video0
webcamd -d ugen1.6   -N SAMSUNG-SAMSUNGAndroid -S 248d1752 -M 0
ps -laxww | grep webcamd; ls -l /dev/video0
ln -s video0 /dev/photopc
chmod 666 /dev/video0
    does show both cameras
        but cant find a mathing camera type
    Could not initialize camera
    The android screen says disconnect cable & try again, then webcamd dies
    I juess I need to set some android permissions
pkg install entangle
    Does not show the Acer laptop internal camera.
    Show external usb:001,006 as Aries Digital Keychain Camera, 1
    It shows option of a net camera too, but I sposes no point as localhost
    It show camera loads controls failed
    Camera does not provide configurtion options
    With no webcamd running:
    Disconnected & connected android
    Rescan shows usb 1,5 Samsung Galaxy Models (MTP)
        click on blue, click connect
        change android to MTP
        "This camera does not support image capture"
        I guess I need thange android options.
    Android evelope options set to USB=PTP

Syntax sample from
vi /etc/devfs.rules

pkg install kamera
vi /usr/ports/graphics/kamera/pkg-plist # just a load of shms, no bin/
pkg remove kamera


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