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North @@@ mailman . berklix .org

The North (West) branch of (Munich, Bavaria, Germany), Some friends now in NRW (= North Rhine Westphalia), eg Aachen, Cologne/Koeln, Cleves/Kleve, Dahlem etc.

Remit: Similar sort of social & sports things etc eg bg, bike, walk, water, etc as on lists at mailman . berklix . org / mailman / listinfo

Our Mail List

Why the name North:

  • It's simple & short, & people wont get tongues in a twist, not knowing whether to pronounce in English or German, initials "NRW" of a group name that would sound very different in English & German.
  • We are both North & West of Munich,
  • North of the Alps,
  • South East of Dover England,
  • In the West but not North part of Germany,
  • The Region name starts North & continue Rhine Westphalia, a mouthful, & pronouncing NRW in English & German is very different
  • So North is our short easy name for if a newcomer asks in either language "Are you part of the North group ?"
PS: & WEST, we can debate over a grill & beer ;-)
Aachen is West most city in NRW & .de, & was first West German city liberated in WW2
en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Krakatoa , _East_of_Java "Krakatoa is actually west of Java"

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