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by Julian Stacey Corrections & additions welcome.

DOMAIN GERMAN ON IP TRACKING (Co. Record IP Address etc) SPY eg USA NSA ORIGINAL OR META/ MERGE OWNER (Copyright) Or Merge COMMENT No. smiley face icon No. smiley face icon ? ?   Small ?. smiley face icon ?. smiley face icon ? ?   Small No. smiley face icon No. smiley face icon ? ? ? Very Small. No. smiley face icon ? ? Meta InfoSpace Portal Graphic Cluttered
< Google Yahoo Bing No. smiley face icon ? ? ?   Portal, Cluttered No. smiley face icon ? USA so NSA ? ?   Portal Cluttered No. smiley face icon ? ? ? InfoSpace Portal
< Google Yahoo Bing No. smiley face icon ? USA so NSA ? ? Yahoo No. smiley face icon ? ? ? Yahoo Portal Cluttered. Yes. German ? ? ? Microsoft Portal, MS monopolist - Ugh ! Yes. German ? ? ? Yes. German ? NSA ?   Portal, Cluttered. Abuse@ offender No. smiley face icon Yes Records IP NSA Original   UK Tax Avoidance: Wednesday 01 May 2013 :
"£6m of tax on £2.6bn of profits derived in the UK in 2011"

"Tax Avoidance: Large Corporations ... 16 May 2013 ... public evidence session ... Witnesses ... Matt Brittin, Google

BBC Today In Parliament (mp3 27 days remaining @ Sat 18 May 2013

2103-05-16: "Accused by MPs of being devious, calculating & unethical over the way it reports its income for tax" by UK House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, castigated for claiming to only sell from Ireland to avoid UK tax. Sat, May 18, 2013, 12:10:

"revenues that go to Google Ireland Ltd flow on to Google Ireland Holdings, the Dublin-registered company that is located in Bermuda ... It was put to Brittin that this un-taxed money was then available to Google to compete against, for instance, UK-based companies that were subject to tax there, and that this gave Google a competitive advantage." Yes. German Yes Records IP NSA Original   Half cluttered. @ 2013_01: Numerous annoying Captcha boxes received, wanting to check searcher is a human, not competitors searching their engine. No. smiley face icon. Yes Records IP NSA Original   Half cluttered
Unsorted below Unsorted below Unsorted below Unsorted below Unsorted below Unsorted below Unsorted below ? ? ? Meta A club - e.V. German Only


  • Row: "Domain" is NOT sorted alphabetically, but approximately by preference first, according to parameters in subsequent columns, & only thereafter alphabetic in event of a tie.
  • Row: "Yes. German On IP" means: Annoyingly looks at IP # & switches to German, making crass false assumption everyone in Germany prefers German language, ignoring browser's exported environment variable HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE set to English, (See yours here).
  • Row: Meta: A meta search engine may search numerous other search engines, One advantage: they can discard adverts listed on other single search engines.
  • Why the table above exists:
    Wikipedia quotes Google as having 86.3% in April 2010. That's not healthy. Companies try to monopolise. The computer industry has seen too many computer monopolies. Some governments sometimes punish &/or break monopolies, some fail to. Best encourage diversity.
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