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Cable Water Ski Lake - Aschheim & Others

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Text by Julian H. Stacey, pictures by M & J


Still listed here cos maybe they might do similar in 2016? impark Sommerfestival vom 30.7.-23.8.2015 Wakeboarding für alle: Auf dem Olympiasee ist eine Wasserski-Anlage, die während des gesamten Festivals täglich von 11 bis 19 Uhr für die Besucher unter professioneller Anleitung nutzbar ist, für 20 Euro pro Person.
Compare the size of 2 lakes at same scale:

Ascheim Water Ski

In a converted gravel quarry at North of Munich, Bavaria, Germany
All 4 pics taken by a mobile phone Fri 17 Aug 2012. - Click for larger. - Even larger & higher quality are off line.

The Cable (& adjacent beach bar) Operator: Wasser- ski- park Aschheim, Am Sportpark 30, 85609 Ascheim

2nd bigger Beach Bar Strand bar Roberto Beach am Aschheimer See
sueddeutsche .de on Roberto Beach: 20. Juli 2010 & 6. Mai 2016,

The cable loop has 5 wheels & can take 9 water skiers. The lake is a North-West - South-East oblong.

Some jumps on the main circuit looking North East, a few people used some, most used none).
picture of lake

A beginner making a return trip on the small beginners run. Looking North East
picture of lake
Everyone who falls off & walks back barefoot along the beach winces at the round stones underfoot.

  • They could put a narrow sand path there. A small investment on price paid.
  • Knee boards, people coould wear old trainers/ tennis shoes ?
  • Wake boards, I guess any surf board shoe would do.
  • Water skis might be hardest to solve. Maybe [older?] (ie plain slim plastic/rubber) style wind surf shoes might fit in water ski mounts (but the newer / more expensive sort with black neoprene up leg, & high friction coeffecient light blue rubber soles that run above heel & toe would not work I guess). Not many used water skis on beginners run though. Mostly it was wake boards, & next was knee board users.)

There's a big beach bar (Roberto Beach) on the North East corner. Where all the shiney metal concrete building is. Lots of beach (ie sand) volley- ball courts there.
picture of lake

The power wheel, that pulls the cable round, also with a small up & down loop to load tow ropes for water skiers.
picture of power wheel
This pic was taken by puting a mobile phone camera behind binoculars.
Looking North North East

There's various other things nearby, a high rope / cable garden, tennis courts, stock ice or whatever, ice hockey in winter or something similar ([Aschheim?] "Jets").

Location Here
Index of Map Servers

Cable system manufacturer: "Rixen Cableways" is what's written on a ramp

Easier to start with a kneeboard Says Sheffield as lower centre of gravity. (But they don't mention any shock/ accident strain is then direct on spine, not through nice big multi jointed muscle sprung shock absorbers evolution kindly developed ... called "Legs" ;-)

Another lake on Isar, NW, downstream of Munich 92 Km (on roads), beyond Landshut, near Dingolfing
www. bayerisches - golf - und - thermenland . de / regionen / landkreis - landshut / attraktionen / wake - lake - in - woerth - a . d .- isar . html
Directions: Tel: 08702/918313, Fax: 08702/918312 Wakelake, Landshuter Str.96, 84109 Wörth an der Isar
Autobahn A92 München-Deggendorf Exit 666 Wörth, Dir. Wörth/Dingolfing.
Snow Ski

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