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Beer Gardeners group is NOT G.E.A. !

Please do NOT recruit GEA people !

Sorry, some GEA acquaintances may be friends, some may be pleasant,
BUT We are NOT GEA. we do not want to become loaded with GEA people who do not match Beer Gardeners Group recruitment criteria.
We aim for individual more selective recruitment, from a much wider international livelier, younger & more fluently English speaking circle.
We deliberately want to avoid absorbing many from GEA or any other existing group. Most GEA are too old, not lively enough, &/or can't speak English fluently enough for Beer Gardeners group.
Please spare us & them the embarrassment of suggesting they join our Beer Gardeners Group.
If you disagree.
We Do Not Progressively Accept Each GEA member Who Sees The GEA Is gradually dieing & wants to migrate to join us.
If we absorbed them, we would gradually become the GEA that we do Not want to be.

GEA were warned often for years, & most GEA members did nothing to help prevent their GEA being suborned & damaged & deliberately prematurely aged by rogues.
Most GEA were too apathetic / clueless / unwilling to do anything & allowed GEA to be degraded by rogues.
GEA now mostly comprises elderly, & Germans not fluent in English, controlled by pensioner anti democrats who seized control.
Many clueless GEA didn't even realise their GEA inc. one of the mail lists, web, & programme were progressively hijacked & censored, & deliberately prematurely aged by censors intent to recruit more older people.

GEA people should not all seek to join other groups such as Beer Gardeners, but instead

  • Help rescue Their GEA,
  • join GEA berklix mail lists, &
  • Arrange & announce events, on uncensored open lists Not controlled by the power grabbing pensioners.
The berklix list server still supports the original first ever GEA mail lists not censored by the power grabbing pensioners.
Use those lists to create & announce GEA events.
You don't need the Beer gardeners group for that. The Beer Gardeners Group is NOT the GEA, nor a replacement for GEA !

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