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GEA - German English Association

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Munich Bavaria Germany


Which GEA ?

Though pensioners grabbed power & censor their mail list,
Some more lively events are on the Berklix mail list eg
From: Birgit Hoeft
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 20:32:46 +0100

Hi folks -
on the coming Wednesday (23rd) I will go Ice-Skating on the "Eislaufbahn Ost", Staudinger Straße 17. We (Frank and I) will meet at 7:45 pm downstairs in the U-Bahnstation Michaelibad and walk from there.
Join us!
Entrance fee: 3 EUR, skates can be lent for 3 or 3,50 EUR. In that case you have to leave your passport at the desk, to guarantee that you bring the skates back ;-).
We skate outside; there is no roof, but music and a bar where you can skate in.
Hope to see some of you!
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German Elderly Association Subverts GEA

  • GEA was once For lively young thinking English speakers.
  • Now controlled by 3 power grabbing pensioners, (1 Australian & 2 German), who killed elective democracy & freedom of speech.
  • Media since censored & sometimes blocked & spun for years while they gained control.
  • Most younger English speaking professionals long gone.
  • More older, German & non professionals joined.
  • Weekly Stammtisch killed by militant German speaking old codger.
  • Less active more sedentary events. Many less bright (ie intelligent or lively) people.
  • Many clueless & care- less who don't know, care, or object to their club being suborned, censored, hijacked, & deliberately prematurely aged.

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  • These pages are the GEA original pages, established maybe '96, & still maintained today, (though various previous committee members were deliberately left in ignorance by certain of their colleagues).

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