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The BSD Leaflet is a single sheet, double sided, with 3 columns, & 2 folds.


To Print & Distribute Etc

  • HTML English & German Do Not Print From This HTML Version ! It is Not formatted for a paper leaflet. It is here to web preview the text, & to allow you to easily click on URL's in the leaflet. To print a leaflet, download a pre-formatted image below.
  • Postscript English & German
    If your browser does not directly support viewing of Postscript images, use Ghostview or Acrobat. To print on office quality laser printers, (The images benefit from colour printers).
  • PDF English & German
    This format appeals to browsers on Microsoft based PCs, Use Acrobat or Ghostview to view them on screen. Currently there's a formatting error, only 1 column per page, a fix is welcome, till then, to print use .ps
  • DVI English & German
  • Ascii English & German Not for printing. For text browsers such as Lynx, (warning: format of some lines is broken), & for Ispell checker etc.
  • Multi lingual source Not for printing. Not for normal readers. Format: le + tex. Only needed if you want to submit changes
  • Makefile Not for printing. Not for normal readers.
  • The raw Directory Not for printing. Not for normal readers.


  • Work pending is marked for action as "PENDING:Person" within leaflet.l_tex. & Makefile
  • Newer German text in progress: Rainer Duffner has updates collected on printed German version from BIM Stammtisch 2004.03.17. His directory here may later contain the newer German text, that will be placed in Master Version.


  • @2009.01, No changes have been made in a long time, & I dont think we will again, unless/ until some of us again want a leaflet we can hand out. However, if someone volunteers to take over updating, I could set a link to your site.
  • Changes, if unsolicited suggestions, should be in diff -c format, made against the newest version you obtain here just prior to making your diff. Major changes may be done by prior agreement on a `freeze file & replace' basis.
  • Changes should be mailed in diff -c format to either:
  • (Rainer Duffner maintains the German text; Julian H. Stacey the English text & Makefile)


Not of public use, but might be of use for leaflet editors.


Other groups have &/ or intend to base variant leaflets on ours, for similar PR puposes. Not only may theybe interesting in their own right, it's worth checking them to see if they have ideas that should be reincorporated here, or if theirs are newer & better.

Newer Similar Leaflet By AllBSD.DE

  • 2003.04 Probable future version by Jeremy C. Reed for Seattle area BSD for LinuxFest Northwest, 26 April 2003, Bellingham, Washington, USA.
  • 22 Jan 2003 Version for Canada by Dan Langille


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