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BIM (Berkeley In Munich) - Stammtisch - Tech. Talks / Vorträge

We plan to do intermittent technical talks at our BIM stammtisch, & other Stammtisches.

Alternatives to Microsoft - 2007_04_20

To be presented by Julian H. Stacey of Vector Systems Ltd & other BIM & BSDPIE members ( Contributions (ideas & text etc) welcome) to Faraday (a Tech Talk member).

VOIP Telephony: Asterisk Overview - 2007-01-17

by Emil Stoyanov emosto @
This talk may be made available to SAGE (a Tech Talk member).

Next: A Proposal

A mail to BIM@
To avoid needing a projector (beamer) & screen or blank wall last time, we used a manualy synced 2nd laptop half way down the long table, with a spare copy of PDF on a USB stick. It worked but [my] manual sync was flakey. Here's a pointer to a thread discussing better technology.

Start of subject:

Suggestion: Let's prepare to do a recursive lecture this Autumn: During summer, try out ideas out as per mail thread; In Autumn, in some cool shadey room with power socket for laptops, do a presentation on presentation software with distributed synchronised laptops, perhaps also assuming worst case, where presenter might not be bringing eg a specific .mgp format, but some other unexpected format needing import before broadcasting ?

Other URLs
  • Following mail to be reduced to a URL when it arrives in archive: JJLATER
    On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 01:24:09AM +0200, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
    > Whoops I forgot cc hackers so resent.
    > > > Haven't used it in years, but I liked it when I used ports/misc/magicpoint
    > >
    > > been there, done that:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > cheers
    > > luigi
    > Hey That's nice Luigi ! Multicast mgpm ...
    > Hmm so eg BSD tech groups could do presentations eith a bunch of laptops
    > in a room, rather than needing an overhead projector Eh ? Nice !
    > That I must read more on.
    for what matters i had implemented the same thing using
    a browser-based solution -- the speaker sends its actions
    through ajax to a simple web server, which logs them.
    Other listeners also connect to the server which relays events
    to them as they come. I intend to implement the same thing
    in this 'sttp' version.

Other Talks Welcome

  • BIM welcomes talks short & long;
  • You don't need to be a professional or a marketing type, in fact we'd much prefer you were Not a marketing type.
  • We're after technology, not a sales pitch smiley face icon
  • As short as 5 mins will do, we could tack together several short presentations by different people on tools they may be used to, but others may not.
  • Either suggest your idea to the BIM mail list, or if you want to float it privately first, tell Julian (or anyone else you know at BIM)
  • Some are too shy & modest, they do things they assume we all know, or would be bored with, when we'd perhaps welcome a short talk / demo, do encourage you modest/ shy etc fellow BIM members to offer something.
  • Sometimes some of us attend other group's talks (eg several BIM @ Faraday's optic fibre talk end of 2006.
    More recently we now have TechTalk to reciprocaly alert BIM & other groups to talks.

The Team Of Co-Presenters has its own mail list

Join or Leave bim-talks@ Mail List To enable internal non public discussion by co-lecturers to a BIM talk/ presentation/ vortrag, to co-ordinate who presents what topic, & to assemble material for slides/ projector / beamer etc.

Example Suggestions

Tell Us Your Requests: Raise the topic at our Stammtisch or on our general BIM Mail List or tell author to add to this page
  • Drivers.
  • Kernel mechanisms.
  • Packet qualifiers to make tighter ipfw firewalls.
  • Tex for dummies : WHich of the myriad Tex ports/ to install ?

English / Deutsch:

Presentations, Questions, & Answers may be in either English or German or switching between both, most if not all of us speak or read both, & technology is what interests us, not lingusitics. smiley face icon

Lecture Delivery Service

In English or German. If you want to know about BSD Unix & Free Software at you event, we can come & tell you.
  • At your evening Stammtisch, offer of a Pizza &/or Beer might encourage our speaker[s] (if he/ she's not a member of your Stammtisch already too) smiley face icon
  • Professional associates of BSDPIE can also offer similar service in your offices, or at your conference, but speakers during working hours for companies require financial incentive not just pizza or beer :-)

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