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Munich Free Technical Talks (@ Stammtisches etc)

Münchner Kostenlose Technische Vorträge (@ Stammtische usw)

for Computing, Engineering, Aviation, Physical Sciences etc.


Temporär Übersetzung Unten

Mail List Purpose & Content


Mail Liste Ziel & Inhalt

  • Bi-lingual list for English or German announcements of free technical talk/ presentation announcements.
  • For organisers of computer, engineering, & hard science groups/ clubs etc, eg those below etc.
  • To enable people who enjoy technical talks/ presentations/ Vortrage at Stammtisches etc, to hear of more tech. talks available.
  • To get increased audiences for speakers, to further motivate the effort of preparing & giving talks.
  • To alert organisers in other technical groups of talks where guests would be mutually welcome.
  • To co-ordinate speaker dates etc if appropriate.
  • Not for random technical discussion or single club topics. (Instead use an individual computer club's mail list or Internet news group for that.)
  • Not For commercial companies selling lectures & courses.
  • Not for social cultural or political etc events.
  • Not for announcement of routine Stammtisches without technical presentations.




  • Each club please ensure a few of its organisers join techtalk@.
  • Those few from each groups should act as human 2 way filters, passing on announcements of talks between their own club/groups's list & techtalk@
  • It is not necessary for lots of people in each club/ groups to join, it just needs enough from each groups to cover for absences due to business trips, holidays & illnesses etc.



Eintragen um sonst

  • Please join. (Free, Direct, Via Email) to techtalk@
  • We should recruit ie get a few people from the groups marked in Red below to join up, as those groups announcements are not relayed yet; but I don't know people in those orbits, & some invites best emailed in German, Can founder members help recruit please ?
  • Please get your recruits to join with club name as well eg:
    "First Name Last Name (Club Org Or Speaker)"




Club Acronym Spoken Club Name Predominant People Predominant Language Stammtisch Dates (In Unix man calendar format
  BIM Berkeley In Munich BSD Unix Users English (& German) Wed+3
CCC Chaos Computer Club   German  
Deutsche Museum Winter Vorträge Rainer Maehlmann (r.maehlmann@) Announcement Mail List Wissenschaft für jedermann 3 € German Invite emailed 2006.12.04
DGLR Tech Uni Garching Aviation
Newsletter includes lectures.
D & E Contact requested .
  DWT Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Wehrtechnik e.V. - German
  Faraday Michael Faraday Institution e.V. Electrical & Electronic Engineers English Fri+1
  GfW Bayern /Muenchen. Gesellschaft für Wehr- und Sicherheitspolitik e.V - German Contact requested .
  Gneisenau Gesellschaft Gneisenau Gesellschaft Luftwaffe @ eg Fuerstenfeldbruck German Contact requested .
  MECC Munich Electronic & Computer Contractors Computer Freelancers English Wed-1
  ? Perl Mongers Perl Programmers ? Wed+3 Months 1,3,5,7,9,11
LRZ Leibniz- Rechenzentrum der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Garching German Wintersemester Professioneller IT-Betrieb in mittleren und großen Umgebungen meist Donnerstags 15:15 - 17:00
Invite emailed 2011.11.17
RAS Royal Aeronautical Society Aviation, Garching Both ?? Contact requested .
  SAGE Systems Administrators Guild Unix Sys Admins German Mon+2
Techism Techism - a web Meta list in German Web Found 2009.05 long after creating this. German  
TUM Evening lectures calendar   Good web page. Do they do a mail alert list ? Contact requested .
TUM/EI Technical University University German Contact requested .
VCFE Vintage Computer Fest Europa Old Non PC Computer Enthusiasts 5 € / day. German & English 1st May Weekend
Verein Deutsche Ingenieur

VDE/VDI-Arbeitskreis Informationstechnik
Engineers German Contact requested .

Contact to add new group.

Talks - Examples

Vorträge - Beispiele

Details here are provisional, not authoritative (to show what sort of things we co-ordinate, to encourage more clubs to join) . Please check each host organisation's own web site &/or mail list for changes & additions.   Übersetzung bitte
Date (& Time if not evening @Stammtisch) Talk Language Host Group Lecturer
Termin (& Zeit fals nicht Abend Stammtisch) Vortrag Sprache Einladenden Gruppe Vortrager
2006 11 17 Optic fibre English Faraday David
2006 12 11 CPU Types German SAGE Wolfgang
2007 01 17 V.O.I.P. English BIM Emil
2007 02 10 (Not Fri. evening but Sat. 15:00 !) TETRA digital radio English Faraday Sepura UK
2007 04 13_or_20 ? Free Replacements For Microsoft English BIM speakers, Faraday venue Julian (+ 4 Associates)
2013 01 12 New Year's lecture English Faraday Julian then Tania
2014 05 03 & 04 Vintage Computer Fest Europa Mostly German, Some English eg from Serbian lecturer Zarko    
  More welcome Mehr Willkommen join  

Sample Email To Recruit Co-Ordinators In New Groups

Entwurf für neue Gruppen

    Ich habe eine neue Email-Liste gemacht:
    Falls Sie Mitglied in einem technischen Club sind, wo ab und
    zu kostenlose Fachvorträge (abends) gehalten werden (auf Deutsch
    oder Englisch) und wenn Sie gerne mehr Zuhörer/Teilnehmer hätten:
    schicken Sie von Ihrer persönlichen Email-Adresse die Ankündigung
    an Techtalk@ um mehr Leute zu informieren. Kostenlose Vorträge
    bei Firmen sind natürlich auch von Interesse.  Bitte weiter
    leiten an Interessenten. Danke.
    Some technical clubs that give occasional free tech talks in
    English &/ or in German, sometimes at a Stammtisch, are
    co-operating to make more talks available free to wider &
    larger audiences.  If you'r a member of such a club & willing
    to mutually pass on tech. talk announcements from & to your
    club, please join with your personal address (not the club list
    address that might cause a fatal opp feedback).  PS free tech presentations by companies (real tech.
    not sales ;-) also of interest.  Thanks.

Other Resources

Some user groups around the world keep past presentations on line, here's a few:

  Author / Redakteur.

Free Occasionals

List of Munich English speaking clubs
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