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Introduction (by Julian H. Stacey )

YOU CAN VIEW Clicking on individual faces will show the other size face (large or small).


This List Is / Should Be

  • An inclusive reference list to those publicly contributing to FreeBSD's further development (normally by posting or committing new code, documentation, or diffs); both major and minor players smiley face icon At present the page includes some `plain users' (ie people who do not contribute enhancements back to FreeBSD) as well as `contributing developers'; later `plain users' may be removed, to make room for more `contributing developers'.
  • Discussed on mail list (rather than or, to avoid accumulating a vast page of `plain users'.
  • Not complete. Additions welcome:
    • Please supply 2 gif or jpg files, one being the _minimum_ size file you can sensibly achieve, ( for the Small Faces page, and one rather large, for the Large Faces page (please crop the margins with xv or similar, like the existing faces, to avoid wasted page space.
    • Mail me your text table entry pre-edited to be in exactly the same format as all the other entries.
    • Quote the email address & web address that will least often change. (If you have a URL use that, with a .forward & Web page pointing to your current local email & home page).
    • gzip & uuencode your firstname_lastname.small.gif_or_jpg & firstname_lastname.large.gif_or_jpg & mail me.
  • This List Is Not / Should Not Be
    • For people who just use FreeBSD as a work platform, I don't want to maintain such a large list (but until I get more faces, I dont need to split the page up into 2 groups).
    • An exclusive list. - It is not an honour roll, or core team list etc.
    • By invitation only. - Don't wait to be invited, send me your face !
    • A list of people who were once involved but have left.
    • A list of people who have written code that FreeBSD has adopted.
    • A companies list, or a product list
    • A who-does-what list.
    • Just for nice photos, & big photos, - ANY PHOTO IS BETTER THAN NO PHOTO (people can upgrade their photo later, Logos would be a waste of space here, purpose is to be able to recognise people at meetings, train stations etc. If you want a good size & quality photo of the person access their own home web page, or mail them & ask for one. Thomas Gellekum wins first prize for saving us disc space, he uses a mere 1.8K smiley face icon

Viewing Options

You can choose to view Small Faces (faster to download) or Large Faces (more detail etc). Clicking on an individual face will show the other size face (large or small).
I have converted all GIF files to JPEG (with quality=75%), to reduce image sizes dramatically, gif files are still in place, so hand compose an individual URL if you need a face at maximum quality ! Here's some examples faces/small/julian_stacey.jpg and faces/large/guy_helmer.jpg and

Explanation of How Viewing Options are Implemented

By having 2 sub directories, small & large; each has a seperate set of small or large gif images, but shares a common index file called `faces.html', by having a symbolic link faces.html -> ../faces.html . The effect of toggling face size by clicking on it is achieved by each sub directory (small & large) having a symbolic link named `other' which points to ../large or ../small respectively.

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