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BSc. Hons.
Computers &
Computer Consultant
Unix, C, Web, Systems Engineering,
British in Munich & Aachen Germany.
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Zap Putin

Arm Ukraine, Zap Putin Russian Translation

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Social Club Groups etc
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Email: Personal & Business,   Phone & Fax,   Maps.
No monopolist viral Microsoft, only Free Software.
No anti- social webs of monopolists, No: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Whats App, TikTok, WeChat, etc. Just Email


Computer Consultant
Unix, C, Internet, Systems Engineering
Munich & Aachen Germany & Tunbridge Wells England

Photo from 1998 - Deliberately not updated.
Faces deliberately not updated!
BSD + Gnu + Penguin + Android + Spanner + Money
Unix, BSD, Gnu, Linux, Android, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, SCO, etc.
C, Internet, real time, embedded, etc.
Decades of experience, freelancers for hire.
Our office &/or yours ? Open plan ruins concentration, increases errors & illness).
Scanner Icon of a Berklix CDROM.
Automatic multi sheet feed Scanner with BSD inside, &
BSD - Customised Self Boot CDROMs & USB sticks
BSD   Money
BSD Professionals In Europe
BSD Global Consultants Index

UK Government

Stole 750,000 votes from British in Europe; & Unlawfully suspended parliament. Past British vote thefts led to war & suicide.
Venal cronies, liars & whipped cur MPs proped up Boris.
Email your Member Of Parliament
Petitions To Parliament
Oust the venal liars:
UK government leaders stole 750,000 votes from British living in the EU before the Brexit referendum; Lied on Brexit & NHS funding; Ignored illegal campaign funding & personalised Brexit web ads; Bungled Brexit negotiations; Scared & encouraged Brits abroad to take foreign nationality; Sacked 21 MPs dumping experienced ministers, replaced with sycophant bunglers; Paid million for ferries from a take- away food company; Pushed No deal Brexit to speculate against the Pound for personal profit; Delayed the Russia Report; to avoid review of Russian promotion of Brexit; Illegally Suspended Parliament;   Protected Cummings.

Brexit Stolen Votes

Brexit stolen votes
The UK's suicidal trade deal with the EU of 1st Jan 2021, ignored services, disrupts trade, was predicted to hit GDP by 4$ later also hit by Corona, & Russia's invasion of Ukraine, & all 3 fed inflation, strikes & shortages, eg in NHS.

2020-02-01: UK Union Jack Flags inverted on Brexit Day

Brexit Referendum: 3,700,000 stolen votes globally inc. 750,000 in EU. Fraud, fines & lies. 2 PMs lied it was democratic. 2.8 Million then under 18 had no vote, less prospects now, & 1.8 million old leavers died since. Boris illegally suspended Parliament - Discuss - Email An MP - Action - Car / Window Poster
Union Jack Inverted

Free Software
BSD   Free
C Sources - Free (with over 32,517 @ 2020-08-24 packages).
0% MS
Escape Microsoft:
Free packages & emulators.
No ePatents No Patents,
Just Copyrights

1998 Face
Faces deliberately not updated!
ski/ mayrhofen_ 2001- 01- 21/ small.gif
  Non Business Profile.  
Blogs inc. Brexit,
For Sale & Wanted.
Allergic to Tobacco Smoke No Smoke
Make your own corona visor, Photo from 2020
Faces deliberately not updated!

Groups - Technical
Email Lists   Web Interface, & Ski Booking Form.
  Munich BSD Daemon spanner
BIM Berkeley In Munich - BSD Unix users.
MECC Munich Electronic & Computer Contractors
SFD Software Freedom Day

  Clubs - Social & Sport
Munich Left half of British flag + Right half of German Flag
Beer Gardeners
(inside in winter)
+ Walks & Hikes
+ Cycling + Skiing
+ Water Sports etc.
2003 Mayrhofen

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