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If You Received A Mail Error Message From Our Domains, eg:

  • 550 Access denied
  • 550 Relaying denied
If you'r not just another spammer etc, (as most email recipients of the above error messages are),
  • If you know the IP number of your SMTP sender domain, that is being rejected by Berklix,
    See if your number is in our reject list
    If you see it there, we can quickly delete it.
    If urgent, Phone
  • If you don't know or don't understand the above:
    • Mail us an Unchanged copy of the bounce mail (from Berklix server back to you), complete with both full header & content. Do NOT omit header or body of bounce mail.
    • Obviously if you just mail that error report to us from your same domain as original mail, it will likely also bounce, so do one of these:
      • Email it to us via a different provider
      • Forward it to a friend & ask friend to forward it to postmaster@berklix.___
      • Phone & ask for an alternate address for him that you can send to.
    Also Phone to ensure your mail is received.

To Mail Administrators &/Or Users at Our Domains, Note:

  • Mail is dumped from or via Spammer Domains (Make sure your domain is not there, for various reasons eg:
    • If your domain blocks postmaster@ or abuse@ or hostmaster@ etc ) - breach of RFC (= international Internet law); Your registrar may be asked to delete your domain.
    • If your domain or IP previously spammed us.
    • If your domain name is promoted by spam etc.
    • If your IP domain or IP was hijacked by a spammer etc. (no we don't routinely list standard spammer masqueraded domain name lies).
    • If you auto respond to every apparent sender domain, each time a mail is not deliverable on your site. Realise spammers usually masquerade a lie, pretending to be an innocent domain. If you become a secondary spammer, we may not just block you, but ask for your removal .
    • Note masquerading domains can be OK & correct, wanted by the domain owner, & valid; It's just fake masquerading of lied-about domains by spammers that is unacceptable.
  • Mail is dumped if containing Spammer Phrases
  • Mail in plain text Ascii format.
    HTML & other excrement such as Microsoft Word format are segregated &/or dumped automatically.

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