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Currency Exchange Rates

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Various Berklix pages quote prices & rates of other people's products & services in various currencies. Rather than those page quoting obsolete rates, they all link here.

See Also re. Interest Rates

Some Rates Providers:

Exchange Fees

Comparisons of currency exchange rate fees, 2019-05-29 by ljk@ mid rate             1 GBP = 1._____ EUR & 1 EUR = 0.88196 
CF euros to pounds                                1 EUR = 0.878.
  difference .878 - .88196 / .88196 = 4.489999 % + Fee of GBP 2.5

Comparisons of currency exchange rate fees, Munich, 2019-05-08: mid rate before going to banks:    1 GBP = 1.16167 EUR & 1 EUR = 0.860828 GBP mid rate after return from banks:  1 GBP = 1.16130 EUR & 1 EUR = 0.861101 GBP mid rate average:                  1 GBP = 1.16148 EUR & 1 EUR = 0.860964 GBP
CF after return from banks:               1 GBP = 1.1558 EUR
  ( 1.16130 - 1.1558 / 1.16148 = 0.0048903124 ie CF charge 5.5 per thousand or .55%

CF after return from banks:               1 GBP = 1.1558 EUR & 2220 GBP = 2,565.88 EUR 
Hypo Veriens Bank Isartor (as customer)   1 EUR = 0.894 GBP        2500 GBP = 2,796.42 EUR 
StadtSpark, Im Tal after 3EU non customer fee,                         2500 GBP = 2,812.10 EUR 
  (Hypo Veriens is usually but not always worse than StadtSparkasse)
StadtSpark, Im Tal after 3EU non customer fee, (max 2.5K EUR non customer) 2220 GBP = 2,492.19 EUR 
  (So using StadtSparKasse instead of CF cost 2,565.88 - 2,492.19 = 73.69 EUR
73.69 / 2,565.88 = 2.87 % beyond CF, so 3.42% beyond mid market neutral rate.

Swapping direct between friends, avoiding banks, saves 3.4% each side !
The mega saving is avoiding physical banks.
The extra saved by avoiding net services like CF is negligible in comparison.

For a Brit in Munich, better to take surplus sterling notes back to Britain, pay in over counter,
then transfer to Euro using CF.


  • Mid rate.
    inc. Old History Rates
  • German Banks all quote rates of what of a foreign currency is worth one Euro. Its easier to go expecting numbers like 0.85589, not 1.16849. All may need passport, not always
  • Stadt Sparkasse, between Marien- Platz & Isartor, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 08:45-16:00; Thurs 08:45-18:00 great impressive interior worth seeing. Max per day is 2,500 EUR. They deduct a flat fee of 5 EUR regardless of amount, if no account.
  • Hypo Vereins Bank (UniCredit) 1 block outside Isartor Rumford Str, Needs a customer account. No fee.
  • Deutsche Bank, Cellar, Marienplatz
    Max 2K or 2.5K Euro/ day. 5.50 EU charge for non customers. They always quoted me to just 2 digit precision - what a con, forcing one to Not know if a decent rate without arguing for more info ! don't go any more. Prime tourist trap
  • Targo Bank (Wiki), 22 Tal, 09:00-13:00 + 14:00 - 18:00 , No PM on Wednesday.
    2.5 K Max
  • Santander: Need to have an account with Santander Germany. An account with Santander UK is no use.
  • Reisebank, Main Rail Station = Haupt bahn hof
    Really Bad rate ! - But probably open extended hours for travellers.

Some banks etc in UK inc. ` big four' in high street.

Barclays Wiki whois >
Co-Op Wiki
firstdirect Wiki Division of HSBC
Halifax Wiki Halifax long ago bought Leeds Provincial Building Society LPBS
Halifax merged to HBOS; HBOS to Bank of Scotland; HBOS & Bank of Scotland to LLoyds.
HSBC Wiki HSBC (Honk Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp) bought Midland Bank
Lloyds Wiki bought Halifax etc
Metro Wiki A new bank competing against ` big four'.
Nat West Wiki
Santander Wiki Alliance & Leicester bought Post Office Savings Bank; Santander bought Alliance & Leicester

www . moneysavingexpert . com / banking / compare - best - bank - accounts

I & others in UK & Germany have seen enough rip offs, bank self satisfaction, avarice, computer incompetence, & top bankers bloated salaries, For eloquence in Anglo Saxon, join us over a beer ;-).

If a banker asked about computer security exudes posh suited bland confidence & platitudes : They are ignorant & hope you are too. If they look worried, admit ignorance & direct you to more info, respect the probable honesty & investigate.

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