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Hewlett Packard Network ScanJet 5
& Network ScanJet 6 / Digital Sender 9100C

Software & Hardware upgrades to FreeBSD

Commercial Enquiries & Orders.

If you do _Not_ want to pay for help:

If You Want To Purchase A Conversion &/Or Support

When You Enquire:

  • You don't end up on a restrictive web form, or with a random/ anonymous support person at a giant corporation, but with this author, who can answer both your financial & technical queries.
  • Commercial conversion enquiries are acknowledged promptly.
  • You can have variations & extras to suit your business requirements.
  • Integration consultancy, support, upgrades & data rescue services etc available.
  • Global delivery of course.

Orders & Enquiries

  • Preferably mail first please, so I have your contact info, & whatever else you might want to add, eg requirements/ questions etc.
  • I will mail an acknowledgment of receipt, normally within a day or 2.
  • If you do Not get a prompt reply to your initial mail enquiry, do Please phone too, to check your initial enquiry was not lost unseen in in a see of spam.
  • After allowing time for receipt & consideration in the European time zone on a working day (Mon-Fri), feel free to phone too to discuss further.
  • Don't get eaten by my spam filter ! It silently & automatically discards what it thinks is spam.
    Please either read How Not to have your enquiry mail silently dumped unseen, unanswered, or
  • Mail in Ascii plain text,
  • Do Not send HTML format, font sizes, colours, spammer phrases, 64 bit encoded etc, or other junk common to spam,
  • Do Include the word Scanjet somewhere in the subject &/or body of your mail.
  • Phone me, too, if in doubt.
(I get vast amounts of spam, as my addresses are on technical discussion list archives, & I'm responsible for numerous domains, mail lists & groups etc).

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