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HP Network ScanJet 6 = HP Digital Sender 9100C Upgrade & Conversion by: Julian Stacey

Software & Hardware upgrades to FreeBSD (& Linux)

This page supplements main Page on HP Network ScanJet 5

Upgrade your multi sheet feed scanner software Free,
or purchase a conversion.

The HP Network ScanJet 6 was relabelled as HP Digital Sender 9100C. It looks like the HP Network ScanJet 5 I convert/upgrade for customers, except the HP Network ScanJet 6 / HP 9100C Digital Sender 9100C has a fuller keyboard than the HP Network ScanJet 5.

Tentative Commercial Conversion/ Upgrade

I offer a tentative commercial conversion/ upgrade service as they look similar, & I've converted numerous HP Network ScanJet 5s for customers before.

Standard Reply To FAQ: "What Would It Cost for a 9100C upgrade ?"

  • Thanks for enquiry,
  • Preamble
    • This from:
    • It might seem a simple question, but not so easily answered:
    • I haven't yet physically had an HP Network ScanJet 6 / HP 9100C Digital Sender 9100C to examine & convert.
    • Though I'm interested to, as probably fairly similar to previous HP Network ScanJet 5,
    • The first conversion, the owner will most probably need to ship part or all to me,
  • To avoid you shipping a whole 9100C:
    • I could send a hard disk configured with several kernels, one of which should work with whatever ethernet you have ?
    • Then you probably need more RAM, How much do you have ? What Type ? Free Slots ?
    • if FreeBSD doesn't then see SCSI scanner, (because of HP's unusual IRQ, as on Net Scanjet 5 , I could email you a new kernel to install.
  • Other Issues:
    • The combi keyboard + display is different to the previous Net Scanjet 5, (more keys, & LCD screen bigger perhaps, hardware & software interface unknown, I'd probably need at least that.
    • You would need to find & pay for packing container, shipping ( & optional insurance to & from Munich, Germany, Europe.
    • Customs Import Duties Both Ways:
      Into Europe then back to you: We would both have to find out how to label it each way, Perhaps: "Temporary import/export for repair", or if you have a spare one: "No commercial value, gift to autopsy for interest" or whatever else.
      (For the Net Scanjet 5 its easier, sending a small non fragile package one way.
    • Other banking etc details at
    • If you prefer this route, I could email a standard offer for a Network Scanjet 5 conversion, as a basis on which to calculate.
  • Free Alternative: Do the work yourself, if you have the skill & time. I host a free mail list where people skilled with the predecessor model would be happy to discuss.


If anyone knows other similarities or differences, other than documented here, please mail me detail

Photos Inside,

Received from Scott B. 9th Aug 2007

Numbers I think I can see from the big chips:
NEC D30210

Agilent 1MW8-0002

Agilent 1RV5-0001

I tried a quick search but cant make out what they are, email of URLs welcome

More photos from digital cameras welcome, or ideally a dmesg from FreeBSD, to help decide if one might do the job as per a HP Network ScanJet 5, just sending discs, ethernet & ram (a lot lighter, less fragile, & less trouble than a whole scanner).


HP's Product spec says "B/W document, color document, B/W or color photo" It may need a lot more memory than the HP Network ScanJet 5 which can get away with just an 8M plug in during upgrade (then again, the HP Network ScanJet 6 / HP 9100C Digital Sender 9100C may come new originally configured with enough memory for colour scanning at maximum (but what?) resolution & colour depth.

Picture dscn1637.jpg show 4 chips number 48LC2M8A1.

  • list this chip as
    • MT - Micron Technology,
    • 48 - SDRAM sync,
    • L - 3.3V,
    • C - CMOS,
    • 2M8 - 2MBit x 8,
    • A1 - 4K refresh - Fast Page
      • So that's 8 M byte.
        No chips on other side of module as shown by dscn1639.jpg
        No space on board for more than one memory module as right of hp9100c/dscn1634.jpg shows no space for a 2nd slot.
  • So memory module is 8M: uncomfortably tight for FreeBSD-4.11, depending on kernel size, might not run, (FreeBSD-8.1 wants more). too small for scanning colour ?.

"HP 9100c Digital Sender - Product Specifications"
HP Sales Leaflet in German.

  • Model - Ethernet Interface
  • C1313A - 10Base-T
  • C1314A - 10Base-T and 10Base-2
  • C1315A - Token Ring
  • C1316A - 10/100Base-T
Germany 2014-05 Colour

[10Base-T/10Base-2 ?]Spec says colour scanner

Nice - but that needs more memory & different parameters to scanner software.
  • 600 dpi (dots per inch). Hans F found: the real resolution is only 300x300 - - 600x600 is 'digital enhanced'
  • 15 pages per minute (text quality)
  • 40-key alphabetic keypad
  • 12-key numeric keypad
  • Which CPU ? (upward from 486 to 586 perhaps )
  • Which bus (upward from ISA to PCI perhaps ?
  • IRQ: unknown if more/less weird-ities than mis-placed scsi irq as on Network ScanJet 5
  • Need to check my .rar for eg IRQ hints
  • Not known what differences in control on extended keyboard compared to Network ScanJet 5
  • Not known what differences in control on extended LCD screen compared to Network ScanJet 5
  • Colour : Trevor B. reckons that's what the C at end of 9100C stands for. Need to calculate implications on memory for scan buffer etc & parameters.
  • Board pics from Trevor B. show on back: C131161001 , generates lost of hits on google.
HP quote from web
"No replacement product is available for this discontinued product" HP quote from Admin guide pdf "Network servers are needed only to connect LAN fax and other programs. No network servers are needed to support the remaining features.
"The following client operating systems are supported: Windows NT 4.0 and 5.0 workstation and server (TCP/IP only)
Windows 9x (TCP/IP only)
The HP 9100C Digital Sender works correctly with the Microsoft TCP/IP protocol provided as part of these operating systems."

Spare Parts

20 GB HDD with the HP 9100C s/w It is some variety of Linux that drives the unit (or maybe just the embedded web server) The HDD has 4 partitions. 3 with FAT16 one with Linux. The unit does NOT require a Windows type server to operate. You do need an external SMTP server for sending email. You can create a share on a Windows PC and directly scan to it via SMB.
Bert 2011.07 wrote me:
i believe you have underestimated the difficulty involved, as i understand it these devices run a MIPS processor and ship with vxWorks by default.
That comment is being reviewed on scanjet@ mail list

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