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2013 03 16; Ski Area: Kitzbühel;
Mountain: Rester Höhe; Above Pass Thurn

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  • 360 degrees panorama, rotating anti clock-wise, starting approx North
    (Right arrow clicks to next chronological picture as camera swung from Approx North, anti clock-wise to left = West, South, East, North))
  • Saturday 16th March 2013. Shadow directions of skiers + knowing it was approx 13:30 indicates compass directions.
  • Mountain top name: Rester Höhe, (above Pass Thurn) 1894 m. above sea level (name Rester Höhe deduced from:
  • Photos by Julian, who has larger & higher quality pics off line.
  • Don't bother trying to recognise the people in these photos:
    • I was just taking pictures of the panorama, that happened to include random skiers
    • Ken's skiers not there, they were off learning in groups
    • Berklix Skiers also not there.
  • Live cam of Rester- Kogel by, who also have web cams on 2 other mountains in Kitzbühel area.

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