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Ski Trip Booking Form Improvements Possible

Various improvements to this form might be done later, If I can find time, & only if it does not limit compatibility with a wide range of browsers, operating systems, different HTML standards, & even text mode monochrome browsers. Ideas such as:
  • To allows links on the form for example 'Drivers only Click here'. you would need several forms. It is possible to have several forms linked together. Where the input data is carried over to a 'Final' email. This is done using hidden fields.

    I'll keep it simple. One single form does not need continuous flat rate net connection, dancing between forms.

  • CSS style sheets or style tags for setting font sizes and colours.

    Beyond what I've done already on fonts & colours, would bring me no benefit.

  • Jhs: Mandatory field entry, so people can't skip answering EG if they have ski equipment.
  • Jhs: This form will be slightly generalised, so it can also be used by other ski organisers later.
  • Jhs: Back end processor to apply to database that generates master sheet to print. No time yet.
  • Jhs: Front end inconsistency checker.
  • Jhs: Front end copy mail to ostensible sender - Can't be done, as could be used as a security loophole to launch DOS (Denial of service) flood attacks on 3rd part innocents.
  • Jhs: cookie / looper so one can specify parameters to form, by taking output of previous iteration of form
  • Jhs: Return not to pass through form again, to avoid those who click n send again.
  • Jhs: Strip null parameters so they don't transmit & clutter.
  • Jhs: Encrypter for mail - not important, no commercial value to this form's info.
  • Fix what scrambles the "+" & other punctuation.
Table back end (built from form):
  • form.c should return data in order I need it to fill table.
  • Split (the currently combined) rows for vehicle + driver, to 2 rows, to help assess seats & ski spaces, if person takes or leaves optional vehicles.
  • Somehow show seperate indicators for planned comfortable seats & maximal contingency seats.
  • form collects fax number, but only goes to my phone list for contingencies, not to the table for now.
  • Seat count of eg +3 needs to be automatically reduced to eg +1 if vehicle is going half empty on Friday night.
  • Rack count of eg +5 needs to be reduced to eg +1 if vehicle is going half empty on Friday night.
  • tidy -i -m needs to be fixed so it doesn't keep padding textarea
  • could add a function for: No hotel wanted, & no car seats offered or wanted & no deposit will b e paid, ie just to give tel no for semi independents who might turn up or not or en route one way to Italy etc.
  • Date, Destination & Organiser: could be a Radio button list not a combi box that drops down. Combi boxed could be reserved for "expected" values like "Number" or "type" where the visitor knows what to expect.
  • Unused possible future fragment


    Ignore This - (Later it will determine which organiser receives your booking by email).
If you have other constructive suggestions, Mail me. Only problem is finding the time to implement all this smiley face icon

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