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Berklix Domains Avoid Glitz

& do not spy on you, with slow hidden commercial ballast.


Is pointed to by Berklix pages with this logo in the side panel: no_glitz.gif

See Also: standard FAQ for email & Mail Lists

Services on are Truly FREE & Non Commercial.

Our pages serve & render faster as they dont have the ballast most web sites burden you with.
  • NO Adverts (despite offers).
  • NO Cookies (used for spying.
  • NO Tracking .
  • NO Links with or fees from any Affiliate Advertising Programs such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program or Google
  • NO Harvesting (referral meta data etc).
  • NO swamps of hidden external links slowing page display (( eg NO Google Analytics for ads).
  • NO click bait farms.
  • NO Animation (advertisers like distracting exrement).
  • NO Flash (proprietary, viral risk).
  • NO bloated inefficient HTML (generated by packages), instead Berklix HTML is Hand Written (using WYSIWYG).
  • NO Java, Javascript, or PHP (except what 3rd party PD Source code such as Openwebmail Mailman etc might or not install).
  • NO scripts, slowing & breaking .
  • NO Placement render failures.
  • NO style sheets.
  • NO page counter delays (slowing pages).
  • NO regular changes to tickle search engines.
  • NO window size forcing (wasting border pixels, annoying variant device owners).
  • NO dark fonts on darker backgrounds.
  • NO text obscured by background graphics .
  • NO font size & style forcing (just bold & italic).
  • No text colour forcing (Almost, except ~3 pages & red warnings).
  • NO text in graphics you can't mouse copy (except logos).
  • NO PDFs you can't mouse copy text from within (if we wrote them, but imports may vary).
  • NO obscured URLs you can't quote (some sites randomise dynamically to prevent users quoting exact web refs, & to break search engines).
  • NO audio bursting out unexpected, that might disturb other people or embarass you.
  • NO particular browser preferred (text browsers OK).
  • NO forcing of human language from IP number .
  • NO high speed line & PC needed. NO Pages designed by young fools impressing clueless managers with idiot demos reliant on fast servers, fast unloaded networks, fast browsers, fast hardware, big screens & non portable software dependencies.
  • NO servers with viral proprietary software. (we use FreeBSD).
  • NO proprietary formats (Microsoft etc).
  • NO web forums (needing extra maintenance work, paid by ads & burdened by trolls & egotistic censors, politicians & laws).
  • NO commissions & kickbacks from firms.
  • NO paid links.
  • NO Censors as mail lists Not open to unsubscribed 3rd parties, needing moderators aka censors to protect against abuse & illegalities particulalrly stemming from anonymous accounts.
  • NO mail lists sold (despite requests).
  • NO intent to build site then later sell users (eg ex toytowngermany_dot_com).
  • NO Fees charged for event attenders & organisers, list members & owners etc, (unlike eg internations, meetup etc). Free Robot).

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